Top Makeup Buys for Over 30s on High Street

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It is so rare I find a few minutes to talk about the makeup that rocks my world and even rarer that I buy any makeup for me. Everything is for my kit. We muas usually end up using the dregs on ourselves, cutting the tubes open, and keep the brand new shiny full tubes for our clients.  But when I do buy for me it has to be items I will use and finish. There are soo many brilliant high street brands now producing quality high end products at superb prices in our irish chemists. Here’s a few of MY own recent purchases. I wear a bit of fake tan every few days. I take a colour in the sun, im medium skin with

facial tanning water
SoSus facial tanning water

olive undertones but until I discovered sosus wonderwater I was not tanning my face for fear of breakouts and tan sinking into my already too large pores. This is a tanning water I spray onto my clean face every few nights. I rub it in to give even coverage with fingers. Then I wash my hands. (Alternating with my retinoic acid for anti ageing the other nights, see my other blog posts on that). It gives a Fab glow to the face with no issues. I wipe my hair line and upper lip with damp cotton wool after to avoid any tan sticking in those little hairs. It is

Best Blush Contour Highlighter Kit
Best Blush Contour Highlighter Kit

brilliant. The Sosu Sunset Trio contour palette is a must for anyone with medium olive skin tone like me. Sosu also does a great lighter one for pale skins. The perfect colour of highlighter, blush and contour. I find most Irish girls do fake tan prior to coming for makeup so this palette is a must for any budding muas kits. As any sallow tones in skin work seamlessly with this trio. Also Sosus Nude lipsticks are

Best Nude Lip Colours
SoSus Best Nude Lip Colours

excellent, the colours are the best iv seen on the high street. Again Irish girls with tan often get the most flattering end look using a lippy that has “a peachy” rather than “a pink” undertone and as we get on in our 30s Nudes are the way to go. Her colours “Bare it”, “Can’t cope”, “Oh boy” and “I like it” are spot on for peachy nudes and so creamy too with matching lip liners. To know what is your best nude colour pull down your bottom lip in the mirror and match the colour with this inside bit. I will do more posts in autumn and I’m even hoping to do some videos on Skincare when I figure IGTv out.

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