Thinking about getting Eyelash Extensions? Mink or Russian Volume? Heres what you should know..

Ladies, as you all know i am “all about the eyes” with the my own brows and lashes and being a lash & brow artist for many years. Semi permanent eyelash extensions have become a very popular treatment in the last few years, i have been doing them for clients since 2012. I personally have have had them done about 50 times. Iv tried many brands, many lengths and here are ‘the highs and lows of eyelash extensions’ in my opinion. The highs are mostly you look “so good” without a scrap of eye makeup day and night for a few weeks, and anything that does that in my eyes is worth “getting done”. The lows are mostly some irritation and returning to the salon to remove the last few.

Some pointers when deciding where to go to get them done and how much to pay. The set you get depends on the talent, skill, experience and precision of the therapist and the time that is spent doing them. Evaluate the Price you pay with the time that the treatment takes. Ask Questions: How long? How many lashes are covered? More lashes = a fuller set = takes more time to do = more expensive. I know they cost 120e plus in places in Dublin! Those that do alot of eyelash extensions will be a little bit quicker so you get a fuller set in the same time. It takes an excellant therapist even 1.5-75 hours to do a full set of semi permanent 1D MINK lashes with 90% coverage and can take up to 2.5 hours to get a Russian Volume set. The difference between  regular semi permanent or MINK lashes (as they are known) is that this technique is the application of one eyelash to a natural eyelash. All lashes should be covered except very short new lashes.

Russian Volume (left) or 3D-10D lashes (as they are also known) is the technique of applying a cluster of lighter lashes usually 5-10 (5D-10D) lashes (depending on how full you want them) to each eyelash. The look is much fuller but also can be more irritating because more lashes means more glue needs to be applied to get the full look. A set that is advertised as cheaper is more than likely a half set called ‘lash in a flash etc’ where lashes are not placed on an individual eyelash put placed on a few lashes without the same precision which takes less time..but they wont last long so I think a full set costing at least €60 plus is always more worth your while. Volume lashes will cost €70-€100. I recommend you start with MINK lashes( 1D Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions) and work your way up from 1D to 3D Russian Volume to 6D to 8D etc if you want fuller Russian Volume lashes.

I remember originally when I started getting them done in 2011 I was simply amazed with them, thought they were so full but as the years have been passing I feel the “regular Mink Lashes set” just doesn’t give me enough definition or wow factor anymore..So now I have to get the Russian volume set in a  6D plus, In order for me to get ‘My Wow” as i am a regular makeup wearer. .. Maybe because Iv gotten so used to looking at myself with the lashes on that when I am without lashes I think I look really naked and I think I have less natural lashes than I had beforehand, so really are the extensions playing tricks with my mind? Or do I have less? Who knows!I get Russian lashes done, i feel i need a fuller set to balance my features and i have to be looking good for my work all the time.. but i have to be careful how many lashes i get because they can irritate my eyes. Irritation usually happens if i am on holiday in the sun and the heat makes the glue melt a bit i suppose. Not so much to pull them out but would love to rub a bit! Its doesn’t matter what brand I try they are all the same. The good glue that bonds the lashes and makes the fumes that sting when you have the patches removed and it is the only glue to make them last a few weeks. I suppose it is the fact that having a foreign body so close to your eyes that causes this. Steroid Eye drops do help me cope if bad. If you have extremely sensitive eyes or are claustrophobic they are probably not suitable for you as you have to have your eyes closed for 1.5hrs. I also don’t have sensitive eyes and the russian volume set still irritate me sometimes because of extra glue used to make a hevy full set. The manufacturers are improving the formulations all the time but they just don’t have it sussed yet. But they make us look so good without makeup that i can suffer a little irritation…

They never last 6-8 weeks as advertised for me. I really think they look amazing for 2 weeks only. They some start to fall out and twist the wrong way. Is it the way I sleep on my face? I have oily skin, oily eyelids, and i touch them when the irritate me so i have to refill mine fortnightly to keep the fullness in them. Oil makes them shed quicker. Pic is me post 2 weeks with russian volume lashes (many have fallen out but they still are ok but a little soft for me with my semi permanent eyeBrows) After 2 weeks if i dont refill them i really want to remove them as they look too patchy for me to let them all fallout naturally. I am like this with nails aswell as soon as they start to grow out I have to redo or remove them. Its way too tatty looking in my opinion to leave them fall out naturally. You have to go back to the salon to get the last ones removed as pulling them out will pull your own lashes out prematurely.

They dont damage your lashes ‘per-say’ but mine are never at full health after having extensions on. Chemicals in glue all process your lashes so like the hair on your head it is helpful to buy and use a lash serum when your not wearing lashes. I stock IGlow and Revitalash Advanced in salon.  Yes lashes fall out naturally as your own lashes shed but if you are rubbing your eyes, (like I always am since they irritate my eyes sometimes) then you will pull them out you prematurely and yes it will take months for them to grow back so yes your lashes will be a bit worse for wear immediately after having them done. Since having babies they are worse and i am hooked now but i am using high quality serums to keep them growing while i am having the lashes on.

I do all the above types of lash extensions and I would be delighted to help you pick the set that suits you and your lifestyle best. Call or facebook message me anytime for a chat or appointment id be delighted to help you.

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