Terms & Conditions

Polished Hair and Beauty provides a booking platform only. Our role is limited to providing an intermediary booking service/introduction service between you the customer and the appointed hair stylist/make up artist/beauty professional and facilitating the booking.  The ultimate contract is between you and the appointed freelance professional. To ensure quality of service we have interviewed, vetted and approved the standard of the Polished professionals work. Once the booking is made with us, and you have paid the deposit (which covers our fee for facilitating the booking, said amount which is decided by the company), you will be given the mobile number and or email address of the appointed professional, that’s the extent of our contractual remit.  All arrangements, timings etc are made between you and the appointed professional. They then take responsibility for the entire contract including workings on the day as well as any changes that occur prior to the event. The appointed professional takes over ALL responsibility for your booking. They become sole owners of the work to be carried out. You pay them the agreed balance, cash on the day for their work.

Please Note: Any last minute changes to the booking regarding numbers increasing on the day need to be authorised in advance by Polished and not by the appointed professional. If numbers decrease prior to the day then no refund of any part of the fee paid to the company will be reimbursed.

Any deposits paid will not be refunded if dates are cancelled 6 months or less prior to the event taking place.