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Wallow in a luxurious pampering with a Facial treatment with Fiona. Facials can help smooth, hydrate, nourish and energise your skin. Each facial treatment is personalised and tailored to your skin type. She can prescribe a nutritional and skincare home care treatment plan to get you glowing radiant and feeling polished.

Treat yourself to a facial that will help your skin feel cleaner and healthier than ever before. We believe that true relaxation of the mind and body optimises cellular regeneration resulting in fresher, healthier looking skin.

Why not treat yourself to a Polished Facial?

Facials can help smooth, exfoliate, clarify, hydrate, nourish, firm, energise and normalise your skin. This, in turn, gives you a bright radiant complexion and improves texture and tone as well as addresses skin concerns and tackle the aging process which starts from your mid 20s.

I had very bad acne myself from 12-30 years of age and so I have invested a lot of time and money in studying skin  and trying products. A facial is my all-time fav beauty treat so I regularly indulge and invest time and money in finding treatments and products that really work to make visible changes to the skin even now I’m 43. I am delighted to share my expertise with you about whatever skin concerns you might have. I use https://www.janmarini.com/  because its a simple, all-in-one solution with everything you need to achieve results. i remember using this first age 28 and i was blown away by how effective it is and iv been trying to get it in since. Do you ever wonder if your products are designed to work well together? Jan Marini’s skin care systems provide substantial built-in savings and are a great way to ensure your products complement each other to achieve the results you desire. Combine Systems with select key technologies to further enhance results – delivering everything your skin needs for a glowing brilliant complexion. For premier results and savings, we recommend the The Skin Care Management System, voted Best System for 11 Straight Years by NewBeauty Magazine due to it’s simplicity, results, value and comprehensive coverage. From cleanser to sunscreen and everything in-between, our skin care systems are an optimal way to provide maximum results and value across multiple skin concerns. I am doing the 6 pack skin management system for €288.50 which is significantly cheaper than the online price for anyone who asks about our online website price.

My background is in biochemistry, microbiology and product formulation and I worked in sales and marketing for many years so I can help you fight through the jargon and marketing lingo on skincare labels and I can advise on what skin care products work really well for your skin type.

I can do a makeup lesson with you, make up for you as well as prescribing the right skin homecare plan for you to get the best out of your facial treatments and give you skin you love! I do medical prescriptive facials, dermaplaning, microneedling, glycolic peels as well as I retail skincare supplements from the Advanced Nutrition Programme and retail the Jane Iredale Skincare Makeup line. This is a super range for all skin types especially for women looking to invest in their skin with high quality makeup. The Jane iredale mineral makeup is so good for your skin you can sleep in it. Although I don’t recommend that! It is suitable for the most sensitive skin aswell as those with rosecea, acne and it can be used post waxing, or post peels etc as it will not irritate the skin.

Express Facial

60 45 minutes
  • Cleanse, Exfoliate, Massage, Mask, Serums & Moisturiser to suit your skins needs

Polished Facial

90 1.25 Hours
  • Cleanse, Exfoliate, Aromatherapy Steam/Extractions, 10 minute Hand & Arm Massage, 20 min Facial Massage, 20 min Mask, Serums & Moisturiser.
  • You’ll feel Pampered to Perfection after this one. I have enjoyed 20 years of facials myself and I designed this one myself to bring you all the best bits!

Polished Peel

90 1.25 Hours
  • Skin care consultation, Cleanse, Glycolic/TCA Peel, Hand/Arm Massage, Hydrating Desensitizing Masque, Moisturiser


150 1 Hour
  • Skin care consultation, Cleanse, Glycolic/TCA Peel, Hand/Arm Massage, Hydrating Desensitizing Masque, Moisturiser

Microneedling – Bundle of 5 €600 is recommended for best results done monthly. This treatment doesn’t hurt as numbing cream is added beforehand. It feels like an electric toothbrush over your skin. The 15 tiny osscillating needles make small pin points to the skin which notify your skin immunity to come to the site of injury and replace the holes with new skin cells with new collagen, new elastin thus helping your skin turn over faster leaving new brighter skin. This treatment is ideal for those looking for skin rejuvanation, to  help lighter pigmentation, to help lessen the appearance of scarring and lines and wrinkles. Over time it will help make further visible changes to your skin. Includes Skin care consultation, Cleanse, Needle, Hand/Arm Massage, Hydrating Desensitizing Laboratory grade Sheet Masque or Gel Casmara Masque and Moisturiser.


For Anti-Ageing, Acneic & Problem or Sensitive Skin

For Anti Aging and Acneic & Problem Skin I use a cosmeceutical range called “Glo Skin Beauty” I combine this with a course of their Glycolic Peels or needling to renew your skin and make you thrilled with the new skin your in! This American brand have an incredibly effective range of homecare products, personally tried and tested that make real long lasting changes to your skin and the treatment plans can be adjusted to your skin type. They have an excellent range Calm for rosecea skin type. Clear for Acne skin. Firm for Older Skin. For pigmentation I love Timeless Truth Sunflower serum and their entire range of sheet masks for home facials and lazy in bed facials.

For 20-50s Skin Who Want to Keep on Top of Their Skin as it Ages I love REN. REN gives you groundbreaking product formulation, the latest hi-tech actives, rigorous product testing and clinically proven results. REN uses only 100% plant and mineral derived actives and is free from skin-unfriendly synthetic ingredients. It does not contain any synthetic chemicals or parabens. I find their products incredibly effective for those starting their anti aging regime but also incredibly luxurious and I love their natural sweet fragrance. Nothing artificial. Just Pure. We love it! Clean Lines with NO Nasties. Recycled renewable packaging. I retail the full range and they have something for every decade. Their masques and homecare are so effective for my clients. Range for dry, oily, sensitive, combination, ageing.

And dont forget SPF. Currently im stocking Glo skin beauty SPF 40 for dry skin and REN SPF 30 for oily or pigmentation. You need to be wearing this everyday even on cloudy days to keep aging process at bay! Its a very high grade mineral UV filter and rubs in clear. I recommend Jane Iredale powders for topping up spf during the day.

For Young Teens on a budget. Acne Skin I use Skin GENIUS and Balance Me for other skin concerns.

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