Tips To Prepare

Tips to Getting the Most Out of a Hair and Makeup Service with the Polished Girls (Share this link with the rest of your Party who is booked in)

Prepping for MAKEUP

Have a photo of the style you like. Makeup takes approx 30-45 mins pp. If individual lashes allow 45mins

Good hydrated skin will make your makeup look its best. Do a mild face scrub and put on a hydrating mask twice a week (for 30mins) or sleep in the mask the couple of weeks running up to your event.

DONT FORGET to exfoliate your eyebrows and gently the eyelid area. You’d be amazed the difference this makes to applying professional makeup.

You can buy single use masks and scrubs in Penney’s or any chemist.  This will help shed the dead skin cells, to uncover your new fresh skin underneath and the extra hydration from the mask which will help your skin glow and makeup last on the day.

On the morning of your appointment arrive to the makeup artist with cleansed and moisturised skin with NO EYE MAKEUP on and lashes clean. Primer and setting spray will be added to make your makeup last.

If you are wearing eyelash extensions or have yumi lashes, LVL lashes or a lash lift or HD or henna brows done we can work around those. If you have at least 2 months to go to your appointment you can grow your own eyelashes and eyebrows. We recommend Revitalash serum. We also use IGlow serum, this does make the area under the eye a little red but its works fantastic to grow lashes from month 2 to month 6 of use. We can conceal any redness. We can post this to you.

Tell our makeup artists any concerns, what you usually like and your skincare routine and any other makeup looks you would like. 

Our artists can use your own makeup if you wish so feel free to bring along your own skincare or makeup products to your appointment.

Application of individual lashes or strip lashes can be applied. Our artists can guide you on what to choose. They are safe and suitable for all ages, young and more mature, are very natural looking and will make eyes pop and often last a few days, so you will have them for your whole weekend and the after party! These will come off with cleanser or baby oil usually.

HAIR-takes approx 40 mins pp

If you are having an upstyle, ghd curls, plaits or boho waves arrive with your hair dry but washed “the day before” with no styling products in it. (If it is very silky or fine dont condition it when you wash it).

If you have naturally straight hair and are looking for a bouncy or curly blowdry, waves or curls it is best to WASH YOUR HAIR THE DAY BEFORE and we will use mousse a a wand or tongs to put soft bouncy curls in and volumising powder. This is because the hold of the curl for the full day will be much better on a straight haired client using a tongs than trying to do a curly blowdry on freshly washed straight hair!

When washing the day before Please do 2 shampoos with approx an inch size shampoo. The first layer cuts the grease, the second shampoo washes the hair. Wash scalp well all over the head, temples, behind ears etc. You’d be amazed by the numbers of ladies who turn up with greasy roots! Greasy hair makes it difficult to lift even with volumising powders!

If going for a short hair blowdry please wash on morning. Make sure its foams well on second wash, give roots a good wash. If your hair is light or fine skip conditioner. Also that your face is cleansed and your usual skin routine is done if any.

If you have naturally curly hair and are looking for a bouncy or curly blowdry then having your hair washed and in a towel is best on the morning of the treatment as a curly blowdry will hold well all day for those who have naturally curly hair. If your hair is long we need to be notified of this.

If you are having a straight blow-dry or you have short hair and are looking for a curly blowdry wash your hair “the morning of your appointment” and arrive to the stylist with damp hair in a towel.  No product in it unless you know what works best for your hair if you regularly get it straighted etc (If it is very silky or fine dont condition it).

If hair is long, thick or curly and you are looking for a curly blowdry please advise us of this as extra time may need to be allocated and extra fee will occur. Email moc.liamg@dehsilopleef or 0868439979 watsapp or text

These tips are just a guide to preparing yourself. If you know what works best for your hair and skin go with your usual routine and let our professionals polish you to a stunning exterior.

Thank You,

Fiona Murphy,

Owner & Founder of