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Choose us and we will prepare you and your bridesmaids to look and feel amazing on your special day with personally tailored bridal beauty services to your home, hotel or wedding venue.

We will look after grooms family, flower girls or friends of the bride, without forgetting extended aunts cousins.

We can include face painting entertainment for the little ones throughout the day.

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Our Polished expert will discuss wedding hair and makeup packages, bridal beauty therapies and looks with you to create the beauty look of your dreams for you and your entire bridal party. The Polished Girls are all talented and experienced makeup artists, hair stylists, nail technicians and beauty therapists. They have been chosen to work with us because of their passion, professionalism and technique, some having worked on shoots for high end publications like Xpose, VIP and IMAGE Magazine.

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Polished is Ireland’s Premier Mobile Beauty Service that connects you with the very best beauty professionals at a time and a venue that suits you. Polished will create a personalised look for the bride, the bridesmaids and

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A service includes an upstyle, blowdry, ghd curls or makeup and lashes. Any number of services can be booked within a group booking. A price is determined based on the number of services.

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Top Tips for Wedding Planning in 2021

Its 2020 Thinking about Getting Married someday but getting stressed already?

As a busy wedding bridal hair and makeup artist for the past 7 years I have seen it all. I also had the big white wedding myself so I have been through it all. And I have heard all the rest from every wedding guest that has ever sat in my chair. Here are some of the biggest things that often don’t get talked about that might make a difference to know for planning your big day.


1 Get grounded. Learn how to be present, live mindfully and get to know yourself first before you plan anything

The wedding business in Ireland is a massive money making industry. Every supplier wants to make you believe you have to have his thing to make you have the best day. But guess what no person or material item brings happiness. Happiness is an inside job. Most young brides haven’t yet found themselves. Nowadays with the pressure of careers, saving for a house, keeping up appearances, having a social network as well as looking like a model, life has never been more taxing.

Taking time out to improve your emotional and mental health and maybe find yourself along the way will help you get to know what is really important to you before you start planning a wedding.

Whether that is:

Get niggling health problems sorted before you start planning a wedding will go a long way toward helping you have the health, strength and resilience to build the day you actually want and actually enjoy it.


Engagement Ring Ideas

2 The engagement ring is THE most important item to save for

Never mind the dress, the decorations, the car. The engagement or wedding ring is the most important purchase of your big day. After the cake is eaten, the dress is in the wardrobe and the flowers are dead the ring will be the one item you have to symbolise this special commitment. You will be wearing it for hopefully 50 years so if you can spend the extra few bob on this (if you can afford it). As a bridal nail technician for 10 years I have seen some beautiful pieces on the hands of girls who have done their research and invested in a foreign purchase. Who says you have to go for separate engagement and wedding bands ? why not go for one ring that is extra special?

  1. You wont get a big diamond for less than 5K. Don’t go to the high street jeweller if you want a rock. You are paying for the shop front. You will get far better value if you go to a diamond broker. Coloured stones can be a better option if budget is low.
  2. Join the online Facebook group HIGM Help Im Getting Married There are thousands of brides on there who are obsessed with every detail of planning an Irish wedding and some have sourced their diamonds through a broker. Just ask them.
  3. A trip to Antwerp, South Africa, New York or Dubai would be a worthwhile holiday if you have a pre-booked appointment with a broker there. Many jewellers have links with Dubai or South Africa. Grainne Seoige http://gracediamonds.ie has a company there now. New York can also be serious value due to the number of diamond brokers in that huge city. Keep an eye on currency exchange values and buy at the right time. When it is a big purchase you might save yourself a thousand on more depending on the currency exchange rate at that time.


3 Discuss & Buy Your Dream Ring with Your Partner

Most might deny this but most brides do know they are going to get engaged and have discussed the ring part. Dont expect your husband to know these things. He is a man! Do your research together. Ask questions to other brides to be who’s rings you admire. You don’t want to end up with a ring you hate. If money is the issue why not put some of your money into your own ring? I mean who’ll know or who cares? When you are married all your money and spending is usually joint anyway and having the ring you dream of will carry you through many bumps in the road. You will never regret the time or money ye put into a good quality engagement ring. An expensive piece never loses its charm. A son or daughter down the line would be thrilled to inherit a valuable heirloom. You do need to insure your engagement ring for the price you purchased it at, not the price it is valued at. You may have spent 5K but if the ring is valued at 12K and you produce that certificate to the insurance company expect a hefty increase on your home insurance premium annually. You need to specify this item when getting house insurance incase of loss or theft.


4 Ask for Help/Consider a Wedding Planner if you are an Anxious Type

If you are the type to get stressed or anxious by any additional work inMixed Bridesmaids Styles your life then a wedding is likely to bring out the worst in you. You really  do need a degree in event management there is so much to think of! I mean most of us have never planned any events before let alone a banquet and all day entertainment for 100 plus guests. The endless emails, phone triage from suppliers, guests asking stupid questions. You might be looking at 50 emails each to get your supplier booked. You have to meet everyone and then you have to get into their heads and they into yours to iron out exactly how you want things to be. And if you are a perfectionist and anxious by it all, it is likely you will find everything an ordeal. My best advice for anxious brides is to hire a wedding planner. Yes there will still be plenty of work for you to do but she will bring you the ideas as supposed to you looking them up from scratch yourself. The cost versus the stress is worth it. It is not just Americans that do this there are several event management companies that Irish brides use. frogprince.ie, aislinn events and martinao.com weddings are some that come to mind in Ireland.

My best advice would be hire a wedding planner if you have the budget


at the start of your organising, nominate one specific job per person. Make sure the suppliers are liaising with them at all times, not you, and

Temple House Sligo Ceremony
Temple House Sligo Ceremony

that they are not calling you 2 days before the wedding wondering where the bows should go?

If you are the type that has a vision of how every little decorative touch should be then you will need to check the venues on the morning of or on the day before once setup is complete to ensure things are the way you thought in your head they would be. If for example you don’t and your hearts are tied of the wrong banister or something so minor that only you would notice, things like this will bother you after if they haven’t been done my yourself, so that is why you have to check everyone’s work after they have done their bit.


5 All Things Hair & Beauty – Prepare 9 Months In Advance

To Tan or Not to Tan for Your Wedding Day?

Tan on Your Wedding Day?

Unless you want to look porcelain white (which suits few brides) I would recommend everyone having a spray tan or applying fake tan for your big day. A real suntan DOES NOT come out in the photos. It doesn’t matter how naturally tanned you are you wont see it in the photos.


Listen to Advice from The Wedding Beauty Experts

As an experienced nail technician, skin & beauty therapist and hair

and makeup artist I see all the botch jobs.


6 Consider Your Guests when Planning

Outdoor weddings

A lot of people if really truthful dislike going to weddings especially if you are married cause most of them are boring, too samey samey. And young people are saturated with invites. I recall my cousin who was 27 year old teacher at the time got 17 invites in one year!! Wedding’d OUT? To say the least. So

  1. Do it Differently. The normal day bores the pants off most people.

Plan it the way you want it to be. Not the way you think is has to be to keep up with your notions of how you perceive a wedding day “should” be. Be adventurous.

2. Have a Late 2 or 3pm start. Who wants to be standing in an uncomfortable outfit from 12 noon? For most people partying from 3pm to 3am is sufficient to knock the socks of your guests. Guests love having the morning to travel, to get themselves and any children or elderly organised. They don’t have to stay up the night before.

3. Have the bride & groom pics Pre-Ceremony? Why not meet your partner in the morning to get the bride and groom photos taken, saving you on valuable time later in the day when you might want to have a conversation with that cousin who has travelled from Australia to see you? After all you’ve been together 10 years who cares if you saw each other before the vows?

4. Feed Guests on arrival. Straight after the ceremony. Guests are the most hungry and nervous at this time and will be talking about the entrance buffet for months after if you do this. Why not prepare a big cheeseboard and bottles of beer for the lads. (Only the women drink the Prosecco).

5. Serve Dinner Early. Not getting dinner served until 9pm is the pet hate of wedding guests as is the 12 noon wedding start. Starting late and feeding early will go along way to giving everyone a day to happily remember.

6. Keep your locations simple. Guests love everything in one place. Not the church 2 hours from the hotel. Having to look up 2 sets of google maps directions etc. Being able to party and sleep in the one venue suits most people best.

7. Don’t have your wedding on a bank holiday like new years day or a Monday. Hairdressers and makeup artists are often closed and guests will be outraged by not having many available artists to go to. Your guests are the most important. If the day is just about you in your head then consider an elopement.


7 Choosing a Photographer- have a rehearsal shoot

It usually is not a good idea to just book whoever your sister or friend used. Unless you have seen their albums and love their pictures. Photography is such an subjective thing. Everyone sees different elements in a picture or perhaps misses important aspects of a picture when viewing an artists work. I for example didn’t want a photographer that captured the bride in every picture. I wanted a photographer to capture every other detail of the day from the shoes, to the flowers, to the magicians card tricks to the details of the cheese board and midnight fire show. We didn’t have a video cause my hubby is shy so for the photos to tell the whole story was really important to me.

If you are the type of bride who worries about how you will look in your images? Maybe you think you are not photogenic or you might have big features, big chin or nose or whatever?


8. Supplier Mind Reading – We all Think Differently

Ask your guests for their photos if you don’t have a good cake shot? The most import thing to remember is only a few photos will make the walls of your home so you don’t need hundreds of perfect images.


Bride at window9. The Bridal Party


  10. Wedding Dress & Shoes 


11. Get an Hardback High Quality Photo Album

You will be looking at these photos for a long time to come. I am now 7 years married and recently I looked at my album. I saw many happy things I had forgotten about. Over time you wont remember every aspect of the day. Get a finished album NOT an online cloud or a USB stick. Technology is moving at such a fast pace. Your usb might not fit in any laptop in 5 years time and your photographer might be out of business or emigrated then so get a high quality album that you can have in your hands. You wont regret spending on this part.


12. Afterwards – The Fall Out

Many brides go to pieces after their day because of little things that did or didnt happen. Things that no one else noticed. And spend days after crying.

The hearts were placed on the outside arch instead of the inside arch? But you didnt specify which arch or that it was important to get the arch you had in your head?

Or you didnt have time to enjoy everything, that it all went so fast?

You maybe forgot to thank someone in the speech?

Stupid things like this??


I hope this article helps brides to be with underlying issues that often dont get talked about.

Fiona Brady,

Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist,
Skin & Beauty Therapist,
Nail Technician,

Owner @Polished


Instagram: polished_skin2beauty

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Wedding Blog

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