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Length and Volume! The two magic words when it comes to fabulous lashes. Lash extensions, tinting, perming, false and strip lashes are just a few of the numerous styles Fiona excels at.

Eyebrows define and open up your entire face. Waxed or shaped? Semi Permanent Eyebrows “Embrowdery”? Brow Tinting or HD Brows? Fiona will help create the ideal look.

Get your perfect look. Tinting, Perming, Myscara, Semi Permanent Eyebrows “Embrowdery” these are just some of the services Fiona excels at. If your lashes are naturally blond or brown, getting them tinted and permed will make your eyes stand out and define your face. No need for eye makeup. Have you ever tried MySCARA? A blend of different powders that form into flexible rubberised fibres that contain black pigments which when coated over the eyelashes adds volume, length and is waterproof.

Polished Brows and Lashes
Brows and Lashes by Polished

Embrowdery is a very natural looking way of introducing pigment to the very upper layers of the epidermis in the eyebrow with a hand held tool (not a machine), This does not cause trauma to your immune system. It can cope with pigment in the surface epidermis. This  creates natural hair like strokes to recreate brows where you have lost hair through hormonal changes, illness, overplucking, cancer or alopecia or simply if you were born with thin irregular shaped brows and simply want a new shape. The treatment is not permanent. As you age every 2 years you will need your brow shape adjusted and possibly a colour change too so a top up is recommended every year for best effect.

Eyebrow Treatments

Why would I get my eyebrows done?


Waxing & Shaping €20

Your eyebrows define and frame your entire face. Eyebrows can be waxed or shaped with a tweezer and trimmed if too long, wirey or scraggy. Waxing is preferable if there is alot of white downy eyebrow hair growth. Shaping tidies up strays and corrects the brow shape. I do not do threading.


Brow Tinting €20

If you are coming to get your eyebrows done please use a scrub on your eyelids and eyebrows. Often we neglect this area and never exfoliate it! Even when we are exfoliating our faces dont forget the eyebrows, as your tint job will last better if the area is exfoliated.

If your eyebrows are naturally brown or blond getting them tinted and shaped will make your eyes stand out, making less need for eye makeup. It is a must for holidays! The entire brow tinting process takes only 15 minutes. I can do natural brown, dark brown, copper brown, auburn brown. I mix a specific colour to suit your head hair and your eyebrow hair.

Dye is put on and taken off repeatedly by until the desired colour change is achieved.

Wax plus tint = €35


HD Brows or Henna Brows €35

I design an eyebrow shape to best maximise your features by dying the hair as well as the skin, filling in gaps where you have hair missing etc. Where there is no hair though the dye does not uptake great so it may be necessary post treatment to fill any bits in with and eyebrow kit or pencil. Generally Henna is supposed to last a bit longer than HD dye but I usually see no difference. If they eyebrow is prepped well and alcohol is used to prep the area then the tint will last longest. Brows can stay dark for about 2 weeks depending on how much cleanser you use to remove eye makeup. The less rubbing and cleansing products near your eyebrows the better in order for your eyebrow tint to last! Clean around the eyebrows when taking off eyemakeup!

If you haven’t had an eyebrow tint in the past 3 years you will need a patch test before this treatment. If you have sparse eyebrows, HD Brows or Henna brows will not be a good option for. You are best to go for Embrowdery or Microblading. See further below for details.


Eyelash Treatments 

Lash Tinting €15

Eyelash Tinting is a must for Holidays! (Photo on right is of a lash tint and an eyelash lift). If your lashes are naturally blond or brown, getting them tinted and curled will make your eyes stand out and define your face. No need for eye makeup. The entire lash tinting process takes approximately 30 minutes. Lashes will stay dark for about 3 to 6 weeks. A Patch test is required 24 hours beforehand.

Lash Lifting also called LVL Lashes or Lash Bomb €55

Eyelash lifting curls your lashes- making your eyes seem wider and does the most to make your lashes look both darker and longer. Perm solution is used aswell as eyelash tint. Results last up to two months. Ideal if you dont wear eyemakeup everyday or have senstive eyes. Look great without eyemakeup! I recommend using an eyelash serum for a few months before treatment if you have time as the longer your natural lashes the better the lifting curl effect will be. Your lashes will look the same as if you have mascara on them with the benefit that it wont come off with water or on your pillow, it will gradually fade off. You can use mascara and oil everyday to remove it. It won’t affect the Lash lift. A Patch test is required 24 hours beforehand.

False Eyelashes

False Eyelashes are the “must have” look to accentuate your eyes for weddings or holidays. Or if you want a more glamorous look than just regular tinting. A Lash Tint is recommended prior to Semi Permanent and Individual Lash Application. A Patch Test is required for the Tint 24 hours beforehand.

Strip Lashes

Strip Lashes (Below) are ideal for a night out. The work best with heavy eye makeup.

Individual Lashes

Individual lashes (see right photo) are perfect for a wedding or occasion, or a weekend away. They can last a few days if cared for correctly or if you don’t Sleep.On.Your.Face! A silk pillowcase often helps hair skin look good after sleeping. They are small bundles of single lashes, connected at the end in a little knot. They are beautiful and designed to look exactly like human lashes. Because of their different lengths in the bundle they give a natural look. Available in brown and black. Application takes 20 minutes.

Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions (left) are perfect for your honeymoon or holiday or if you are a busy professional woman who hasn’t time in the morning for makeup. They will last a few weeks and you wont have to worry about looking makeupless in front of your man or colleagues! I wear these myself for all my foreign holidays and even I don’t feel the need for makeup on holidays!. They take 2 hours to apply, application time depends on how many natural lashes you have. The lashes are as tiny as your own lashes, but they come in various thicknesses and length so you can try many looks. They look very natural and stunning on all age groups from 18 to 80!. The only downfall is they have to be refilled or removed with a special remover solution after a few weeks. Please do not pick them out as you will pull your natural lashes with them and it can take up to 3 months for new regrowth. I don’t recommend these back to back for more than 6 months as the glue and chemicals effect your natural lash growth. It’s best to take a break for 2 months or so twice a year.


Embrowdery or Microblading Semi Permanent Eyebrows

2 passes €360. Top Ups €120. top ups after 2 years €260

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