How to Keep Your Core Strength During Pregnancy & Some Exercises to Do if you have SPD/PGP..

Pregnant with No 2-My Resistance Training Routine to Keep My Body & Back Strong while having the common pregnancy condition SPD / PGP

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Exercising with a Baby
Exercising with a Baby

Hi Ladies, I am passionate about staying in shape. It not only makes you look great but it makes you feel good about yourself. Exercise gives you mental strength & clarity and confidence to be the person you want to be to help you  live the life of your dreams. Since I started having my family I have a condition called SpD (Symphisis Pubis Dysfunction or Pelvic Girdle Pain) It is very common. It occurs due to the hormone relaxin softening the pelvic area to allow the babys head to engage and in some this causes pain or ache in the pubic/pelvic area. I got it first at Week 26 during Pregnancy No 1 and had to reduce working & driving, had to Stop Running, Fast Walking, Swimming, Yoga, Pilates basically ALL CARDIO as any weight on my feet or wide legged Yoga or Pilates poses aggravated it. With help from my physio I was able to continue with my weight training routine, a modified version and do some resistance exercises on the floor. I didn’t do much core work during my first pregnancy, as I was afraid to, with first baba, naturally I had fear of the unknown. I had back pain later in pregnancy due to the baby growing and my weakening back. But i had a natural birth with no medical complications and produced a healthy 8lb baby boy.  I breastfed until Iarla was 10 months old and was pregnant again by 12 months. As my body didn’t have much time to recover and SPD started again at 15 weeks Ive decided I really wanted to strengthen my core and my back second time round to help with pregnancy as it advances. With the approval of my physio I started back doing my planks and floor work from Week 17. Immediatley my back felt much stronger. I am stiff every morning I get up and I really feel the benefit of the daily stretching. I am now 24 weeks pregnant and I am planning to continue it all until Week 40 if I can! So this is for those of you that are enduring pregnancy with SPD/PGP and  remember you will get better once you recover from the birth and breastfeeding. I hope you get something from the exercises. Love Fee x

These are exercises that have been approved by my physio, for me. Do not start any new exercise routine without prior advice from your healthcare provide.

Here are some pics: I am 17 weeks pregnant with no 2 in these pics. The reason i am neat is because i have a strong core from exercises like this. Another reason to do them!! This routine only takes 20mins. But its enough to stay in shape aslong as i dont overeat too often!
20160103_172634I start with Rolling on the Ball. Feet on the floor. Back and forth for 2 mins. Then Bouncing 2 mins. Then rotating left and right for 2 mins. This warms you up.

Next I do the Cat Pose for 2mins.  Sorry  no pics of this. See internet.




I do  Planks and Side Planks. Hold for a minute, then 30 secs for both. Remember Do Both Sides on Side Plank









I do Push Ups Against a Wall.  20 times 3.  (Do you like my Personal Trainer Pushing Me On!!!)


20160103_173649 Next I do Leg Raises . 30secs. By 3 sets.

Since i took these pics iv also added Side Twists into my routine (For stiffness In my bottom bones and lower back)

But I don’t overly twist to avoid overstretching. Sorry Iv no pics of this.. Se internet.

20160103_172537And to finish up i go back rolling on the ball for 3 mins. Hope you enjoyed it Ladies. Get in touch anytime if you have questions. Lots of Love Fee[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]