Tips on How to Get your Skin Looking Its Best for Summer

Applying makeup is not that different to painting a wall. If the surface is gritty and bumpy no matter what product you use the skin will look bad.

I always ask my regular makeup clients and brides to do a mild scrub before their makeup application this will remove the glue that binds the dead cells to the surface of the skin and give your face a more marble like surface that primers and foundation will stick to and last for the day.

To get younger glowing radiant skin you need to be feeding your skin from within with tailored supplements to support collagen and elastin formation and give your skin the antioxidant boost to fight the free radicals that cause all sorts of aging problems. I swear by the vitamins from the advance nuitrition programme, i have been using them for years and people who dont know my age always think im at least 5-10 years younger ( and ill take that as a compliment anyday ;0) My clients see great results within 14 weeks. Added to that a home skincare plan consisting of cleansing, exfoliating, addition of 3 or more serums to the skin to stimulate, hydrate and feed the skins needs morning and night aswell as an Spf to protect your skin from the suns UV rays.

Did you know the lights in our homes and the blue lights from our phones are causing aging on top of the rays coming in through the car windscreens and thats before we even step outside! I love mineral powder spfs as you can touch up your skin during the day. Its best visit a skin therapist for supplements and not just purchase any chemist supplement as skin supplements are designed for the skins needs specifically. A skin therapist will also recommend a series of facials if you need them and a homecare plan for you.

In the meantime you can do alot at home to help kickstart the process. If you have an event in summer start prepping now to make sure your skin has at least 3 months to renew.  Exfoliate twice a week to remove dead skin cells. I love the gentle acid exfoliators from the Ordinary.  Cleanse morning with a micellar water cleanser on cotton wool, and take off evening makeup and grime with a double cleanse with an oil or balm cleanser and a hot face cloth (i love REN balm or Kinvarra Cleansing oil). I dont tone and i find water based foaming cleansers can be dehydrating as water is quite drying to the skin. I had bad acne myself for 15 years so I have tried every lotion potion and treatment under the sun aswell as treating countless brides, mothers to be etc and iv learnt the goodies from the baddies in skincare.  Im currently loving the serums from the Ordinary but you’d need a masters in science to find the ones that suit your skin, luckily i come from a chemistry aswell as a beauty background so i can recommend some for you at a consultation.  Another tip is to use a hydrating mask 3 times a week. Ideally leave on overnight. I love Dermalogicas Multivitamin Masque,  Kielhs Overnight Hydrating Masque and Glamglow. Its best to buy 3 masques and rotate them to get maximum benefit for the skin as your skin gets very used to the one product and it stops working quickly. To brighten your skin i love RENs Glycolactic Mask and the Ordinarys AHA BHA Peel. For buffing your Body ontime for summer i love Cocoa Browns tough Stuff from Penneys and Chemists nationwide and St Ives from a supermarket. These very effective grains will leave the skin on your body super smooth for upcoming summer fake tan application. Always lather your body in an body cream post every shower. E45 is so effective and kind to the skin and your pocket. REN and Voya make beautiful body formulations too. If going swimming apply a little bit of baby oil to your skin pre swim, it will stop chlorine drying you out. The more hydrated your skin is the better fake tan will look and will wash off easier without rough colour patches and the slower the body skins aging process will be.  The other best way to hydrate your skin is buy drinking lots of water, and always apply your moisturizer 10 minutes before your makeup, otherwise your makeup will slip off and you wont give your moisturizer the chance to work its magic. Good habits take time time to make but your skin will reap the benefits in the long run. Spring has finally arrived, Spring Clean your Skin Routine today with a few simple tweaks and Give me a call anytime if you’d like skin advice or a consultation.

Love Fee x