Tips on using Prescription Vitamin A in your 2021 Skincare Lockdown nightime routine

29 Jan 2021

Lots questions about this on instagram stories last night so I’m gonna try explain what this prescription retinoid is. It’s the highest strength Vitamin A available only on prescription. VITAMIN A is the top dog for skin renewal, ageing, lines, wrinkles, brightening and making your skin more resilient to environmental toxins and sunlight. It has the most robust clinical trials behind it to prove its effectiveness in skin ageing. If you were ever going to buy one skin product it has to be a vitamin a cream. However not all are created equal. What you buy off a chemist or beautician is the esters of retinol or retinol. They not as strong and not as fast. But a good place to start because you won’t tolerate prescription for ages due to redness, flakiness, irritation. So at the start. Go low and slow. The GP will be familiar with it if you ask for RETIN-A. This is usually prescribed for acne. If you are looking for it for ageing then it’s at the discretion of your GP if they will prescribe it for you. If your ttc or pregnant it is not recommended due to potential for foetus abnormalities. Personally I don’t think anything you apply to your skin would cause this it really is oral Tretinoin Vitamin A tablets called Roaccutane for severe acne that can cause abnormalities. The retinoid doses start at 0.01%, 0.05% then 0.1% which I use but I’ve been using prescription retinoid for 20 years as I had bad acne since I was 12 so I can tolerate the highest dose now. My advice is Start with two applications of the lowest dose weekly, then bump up to 4, then nightly. If you notice any redness go slower. I personally do it faster, cope with some redness and get faster results. Especially now in lockdown when we all covered up. If you go to my IGTV you’ll see a video of me explaining more about it. I also recommend you take Vitamin A. I recommend and sell the Vitamin A @advancednutritionprogramme supplements aswell as sell @gloskinbeauty_ire and @renskincare for those looking for retinol or starting skincare regimes. I am doing skin and gut health consultating via zoom or telephone if anyone needs help.  All ageing starts in your gut. So creams aside girls thats the place to really start!

Stay Safe Everyone.

Mind Yourselves,