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Fiona Murphy is a Sligo-based health coach who has studied this field intensively for many years after she herself suffered from bad acne, late night digestive fullness, anxiety, IBS, food sensitivities, insomnia, UTIs and thrush infections from her teens. NONE of which were ever fully resolved through the medical route taking antibiotics and random probiotics and vitamins from chemists and her colonoscopys and bloods were always normal. At one point it was mentioned by doctors it might be “all in her head”. No gut specialists existed then. She was as one says “out at sea” suffering alone.

But she never gave up  researching in her 20s and watching her mum go into ill health, catapulted her into more studying. She later discovered through 10 years of continuous research that the oral contraceptive pill given for her acne for 10 years contributed to her monthly anxiety & PMDD, IBS, high blood pressure, thrush, UTIs and chloasma because those synthetic ocps destroy the gut microbiome. She also found a way to treat acne holistically so it is permanently gone through improving the dysbiosis in the gut and improving the efficiency of the liver. She started her own successful skin clinic age 28.

In total she endured a gut health, hormonal health, skin health, mental health battle for 20 years, worsened as a result of chronic stress caring long-term for her mum who had undiagnosed dementia from her 50s. After years of crippling digestive issues, anxiety & insomnia postnatally she left corporate pharma life career age 34 and went on a journey to find wellness alongside running her skin clinic. 

Fiona did an MSc in food, nutrition and health. She focused on studying gut and hormonal health. She later learned she had low stomach acid, SIBO, SIFO, a leaky gut, fodmap sensitivities, adrenal fatigue, sluggish liver and was hypothyroid, non of which showed up on annual family doctor blood tests, all this stress on her body stopped her sleeping after her birth of her second child and the stress on her body of not sleeping (which her then doctors refused to treat) led to long term gut inflammation and collapse of her hormonal system which caused her to go into early perimenopause at 36, fibromyalgia allover body pain and stiffness , crippling insomnia and full menopause which started at 42.

She realised that hormones are made in the gut and because her gut wasnt working well for years and her body couldnt get the raw materials it needed to support her health so her hormonal balance came crashing down in her mid 30s. From 38 she figured out she had low stomach acid, after years of trying elimination diets, gluten free, dairy free, low fodmap diets, having tests & taking random probiotics and supplements balance was achieved in her life through many lifetstyle changes, getting her body digesting, absorbing, an detoxifying  properly so she could later address all the nutritional and mineral defeciencies, going on medication & HRT hormones. She healed her gut and liver herself and got well by age 44. She s is currently working on her thyroid for optimal energy and better sleep, and for optimising her brain and others to improve detoxification to reduce the risk of developing dementia.

She learned so much she started this health clinic in 2020 to support others like herself. Fiona is married with 2 small kids 7 and 9 and lives by the sea in Sligo. Along with being a busy mum she works part time from home doing gut, hormone health and skin consultations. Fiona now does alot of work in the area of cognitive decline supporting carers and patients because of her own families struggle with dementia. Patients types she usually see suffer with acid reflux, or digestive gut issues, food intoleranes or exhaustion, insomnia, anxiety or endometriosis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis,  PCOS or SIBO, acne or rosacea, itchy skin, elevated histamine or increasing allergies, psoriasis, ezcema, brain fog or pain type illness in patients who presented as normal  with no symptoms as children. As alot of these issues are gut, adrenal, thyroid and liver related .

Outside of work Fiona is passionate about everything selfcare, skin aesthetics, pool swimming, weight lifting, beach walks, reading health books, making smoothies, salads & attending to her house plants and garden. She is a perfectionist, organised & tenacious and prides herself on giving her patients excellant customer service as healing the gut is not a quick fix and patients need to be supported over a year or 2. To learn about her consultation process scroll down on the first page of this website.

Fiona has a degree in Microbiology, a Masters in Food Nutrition and Health and previously worked professionally for 12 years, as a Microbiologist for Temple St Children’s Hospital, as well as in Industry and in sales and marketing of gut health medications and skin creams for six major pharmaceutical companies.

For the past ten years, Fiona has run her own health and beauty and skin clinic in Sligo and has now diversified from just treating acne and skin conditions into the treatment of all gut-related health conditions due to the demand for her knowledge in this area. 

Gut-health wellness is Fiona’s passion, combining her microbiology, nutrition and gut health expertise and knowledge to help others that are suffering. Fiona is passionate about treating acne, IBS, fibromyalgia and all autoimmune conditions and is reading, upskilling and attending conferences worldwide annually.

For many people, the stresses of modern living mean people aren’t sleeping well, people are stressed out and immunity post covid is top of mind. Fiona can help diagnose and treat these symptoms by prescribing short-term dietary changes, supplements and herbs to restore you to a happier, healthier self.

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Treating you inside and out is my life’s work.

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Fiona Murphy, BSc, MSc, ITEC DIP NUIT
Specialist in treating SIBO, SIFO & Mould, FODMAP Sensitivities, Ageing, Acne & Rosacea Skin Conditions & Immune system support for Autoimmune Conditions

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