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Fiona Murphy is a Sligo-based gut health practitioner who has studied this field for many years after she herself suffered from bad acne, digestive fullness, IBS, food sensitivities, kidney and thrush infections from her teens through her 30s. NONE of which were ever fully resolved through the medical route taking antibiotics and random probiotics and vitamins from chemists. No gut specialists existed then. Fiona continues to live with Fibromyalgia like symptoms as a result of long term inflammation she was exposed to through her 20 year gut health struggle as a result of chronic stress caring long-term for a parent with early onset dementia. After committing herself to her gut wellness over a period of 2 years Fiona resolved all her gut health related symptoms by the time she turned 40. 

Fiona has a degree in Microbiology, a Masters in Food Nutrition and Health and previously worked professionally for 12 years, as a Microbiologist for Temple St Children’s Hospital, as well as in Industry and in sales and marketing of gut health medications and skin creams for six major pharmaceutical companies.

For the past ten years, Fiona has run her own health and beauty and skin clinic in Sligo and has now diversified from just treating acne and skin conditions into the treatment of all gut-related health conditions due to the demand for her knowledge in this area. 

Gut-health wellness is Fiona’s passion, combining her microbiology, nutrition and gut health expertise and knowledge to help others that are suffering. Fiona is passionate about treating acne, IBS, fibromyalgia and all autoimmune conditions and is reading, upskilling and attending conferences annually.

For many people, the stresses of modern living mean people aren’t sleeping well, people are stressed out and immunity post covid is top of mind. Fiona can help diagnose and treat these symptoms by prescribing short-term dietary changes, supplements and herbs to restore you to a happier, healthier self.

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Treating you inside and out is my life’s work.

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Fiona Murphy, BSc, MSc, ITEC DIP NUIT
Specialist in treating SIBO, SIFO & Mould, FODMAP Sensitivities, Ageing, Acne & Rosacea Skin Conditions & Immune system support for Autoimmune Conditions

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