Can’t lose the weight despite sticking to your programme?

Did you know your GUT HEALTH plays a major role in your weight loss journey?

Its 2021 and we now know the gut produces more than 24 hormones that influence everything from our food cravings to our appetite to our mood. Your immunity and brain chemicals are made in your gut, if that is not working well you cannot get full nutritional benefit from food or feel your best – happy, motivated & confident in yourself.

Did you ever wonder how your friend, who seems to have a worse diet than you, maintains a healthy weight? This is partly because of the diversification and balance of their gut microbiome. Their gut may have more of a particular bacteria, that burns energy more effectively from food.

There can be >1000 different species of bacteria, viruses and fungi in your gut. Gut microbes determine how much energy your body extracts from food. They control hunger signals and food choices. They determine how your blood sugar spikes in response to a meal. It doesn’t matter how good your diet or exercise regime is, if you have unwanted bacteria in your gut, they can cause havoc to your whole hormonal system which affects your weight and well-being.

If this sounds like you, you may benefit from gut health consulting and testing to investigate what may be causing these symptoms and counteracting all your hard work with exercise and diet.

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