Fertility and Gut Health

gut health

How is fertility linked to the gut?

Many of my clients struggle to conceive. Today’s latest research is showing that the immune system plays such an important role in pregnancy. Did you know 70% of the immune system resides in your gut? And that mould toxins (Mycotoxins) are associated with miscarriage? and when we have taken one too many antibiotics or steroids, had a diet too full of sugar, alcohol or stress, as a result of these things, often by the time we are ready to conceive we have low stomach acid and gut dysbiosis in our small intestine.

Over time this gut dysbiosis leads to malfunction of the microvilli in the intestines which reduces how much vitamins and minerals we are getting from our foods. Having too many bad bacteria and yeasts in our microbiome leads to a syndrome called leaky gut, overtime little holes appear in this gut barrier.

When you get leaky gut toxins, large protein molecules from food, and the wrong microbes filter through these little holes and go into your bloodstream this in turn causes a low level of inflammation to occur. Inflammation can be the reason behind many health conditions and this includes infertility. If the healthy microbial balance is damaged by too many harmful bacteria and yeasts particularly in those who are overweight or those that consume a diet high in fat this can lead to a whole series of chronic inflammation to occur in your body. This in turn plays its part in poor egg quality and disruption in embryonic development.

Microbiome Gut Health

The gut microbiome of the vagina is greatly influenced by the gut microbiome of your intestines. The same probiotic species that are found naturally in the gut are found in the vagina so it makes sense to improve the microbial diversification in the gut to produce a healthy supportive environment for fetal implantation in the vagina. Certain yeasts and bacteria raise the vaginal pH and make it a habitat for harmful microbes to live in. For this reason women experience frequent vaginal thrush, kidney infections, cystitis etc. If you have these persistently they could be signs that your gut is not in the condition it needs to be in. If the microbiome is altered this could in turn affect fertility. Your gut health has a big impact on the production of the hormone oestrogen, the gut microbiome regulates oestrogen via an enzyme however if the gut microbiome is imbalanced and there is two large of a number of unfavorable bacteria or yeast this process interferes with the detox of oestrogen and this can lead to elevated oestrogen levels also known as oestrogen dominance. Oestrogen dominance causes problems with reproductive health and fertility such as PCOS and endometriosis as well as reduction in sperm production in men. Fully optimizing your gut bacteria you can greatly reduce the amount of information and support. I can do a test to see if you have bacterial or fungal overgrowth or leaky gut and advise you how to nutritionally support yourself.