What’s a FODMAP?

Cause of Acne and links to Gut Health

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FodMaps is a term that has been highlighted in the new emerging world of good gut health in the last few years. FodMap is an acronym for Fermentable, Olligo, Di, Monosaccharides and Phenols. FodMaps are mostly not bad for you, in fact most of them are really good for you but for people with digestive distress the FodMap content in a food item may cause digestive difficulties.

It does sound complicated but to explain it simply it really just refers to a group of foods that contain fermentable short chain sugars that increase the fluid delivery into your large bowel which results in gas, pain bloat and other troubling symptoms.

My symptoms at their worst felt like balloons were being blown up inside my stomach pushing my organs out. I also felt I couldn’t digest normally that the food was stuck like “logs in my stomach”. But I didn’t have diarrhoea or constipation. At night I’d have to rub and massage my stomach to alleviate it. At night I often felt like my food was sitting there undigested. I followed the low fodmap diet for many months on and off. FODMAP Sensitivities or Food Sensitivities are also usually not true allergies.

Once you treat the SIBO, get your stomach producing enough acid and heal your gut lining you will likely get rid of your food sensitivities. Also in general food intolerance testing is a SCAM. It largely shows up what you ate in the past 72 hours. If you were truly allergic to a food you would have figured that out in childhood. Elimination diets are the only way to ascertain what you are sensitive to Click here to make an appointment for learning how to do an elimination diet and getting a Fodmap Tutorial.