2024 Top 10 Tips How to REALLY Detox Your Body

How to Detox properly:  This tip is about how to optimize your bodies elimination and detoxification pathways. Here are a few simple ways to amplify your body’s natural detoxing process.

1)“Juice cleanses” and the like that we see on social media do not detoxify your body!!  It is a much more complex process than this. Getting your liver to work optimally is the most important thing to do. Your liver is responsible for over 500 different enzymatic processes in the body. It is the most important organ but nobody ever thinks about it! If you take alot of supplements or medication your liver will likely be sluggish, even if it shows NORMAL on a blood test. Constipation is often a sign of a sluggish liver. Everyones liver needs some work especially as you move into your 30s. The older you are the more you need to do. If you feel unwell very fatigued maybe attending to your liver may help revive you. buy a supply packs of Castor oil packs. Place over your liver at night for 6 months. These are a gentle way to help the liver work more efficiently. I specialise in liver detox which is so important for those with acne, weight gain, gut issues, fatty liver disease. Many patients also have digestion issues which is caused by candida and underlying mould toxicity called mycotoxins. I recommend a product to help your liver function optimally.  It binds the toxins in your system and brings them out in your poo so your liver doesnt have the daily grind of toxins to deal with, it gets a rest and overtime it will work more efficiently, once it cleans up its own stored toxins. Just email ei.tugruoyhtiwog@ofni and il send you a link for a few products you can start using at home. If anything makes you more constipated then you should stop this and just castor oil packs instead. Most patients I see have a sluggish liver this is often causing low stomach acid which in turn causes digestive issues such as bad constipation thats not fully resolving with high fibre or water intake.

2)Remember plug in air freshners in your home are a NO!, Dont burn non soy scented candles, be wary of cheap diffusers, fabric cleaners, carpet cleaning, or wearing dry cleaned clothes. These all contain many chemicals, breathing them in effects your liver and your lungs. You dont want lungs covered in toxic oils! Only burn pure essential oils if you need to freshen up a room. Your skin soaks up so much which your body has to get rid off. Detoxify your skincare range. Use organic and avoid perfumes everyday. Put deodrant on your clothes not your armpits! Only use roll on https://www.boots.ie/wild wild deodrant and dump cans of anti perspirant they have aluminium metals in them which can accumulate in the brain and liver. Heavy metals feed virus and bacteria in the body. The more metals you have in your liver the more clogged up its going to be for supporting digestion.

3)Its necessary to have at least one good bowel habit a day. This is an easy way to detoxify. Get plenty of fibre (that’s oats, flaxseed, wholegrain bread, seeds, fruit and veg) Stay well hydrated. A pint of lemon water with ginger and raw honey is a good start. I encourage you to put one or two tablespoons of flaxseed or linseed into a glass of water with maybe a small amount of orange juice or smoothie to flavour it. This should get your bowels moving. Prune Juice, 2 kiwis a day and strawberries are also excellant for a good poo. It is ideal that we’re going to the toilet “at least once” per day. If you are not having better bowel motions with this regime maybe looking to wearing a castor oil pack on your liver at night or contact me for an appointment.

4)Eating apples and green juices “first thing in morning” is ideal for helping your liver. If you are eating on the go just have one apple first thing to balance your blood sugar and to stop stress hormones rising too high in the morning, then eat a good breakfast a couple hours later.

5)Take an infrared sauna for a detox (unless you have cholesterol or cardiac issues or this is not advised by your doctor. For example if you suffer from heart problems or high blood pressure or history of strokes or clots). Saunas at the gym dont work the same as an infrared one. Infrared ones you go in dry and heaviliy wet sweat after 15mins. You literally sweat out the fat with the toxins.! It is recommended for mould detoxification. Toxins are stored in the fat cells. Evidence has shown that regular saunas help release these toxins and improve your health. You can also buy an infrared sauna bag on eBay or Amazon.de for around €300.. You can buy one to lie in on your bed or to sit up in on bathroom tiles. Type in the words “infrared sauna bag”. You simply store them on the floor tiles in a bathroom and set the set the timer, it will heat up to 75 degrees. You have to sit in it for at least 15 minutes or so till you start sweating, i sit on a towel on a fishermans chair, and then you must sit for a further 25 minutes in a wet sweat to actually release the toxins. I literally dry the sweat off with the towel to avoid it staining the sauna bag base. In the sauna bag your head is out and your arms and hands are out often so you can read a book and occupy yourself while you were sitting for the 45 minutes. It is very relaxing. 45mins in sauna = 5-10km exercise. But dont over do it once every week or 2 as mor can mean mineral loss and that will make you feel stiff and fatigued.

6)Exercise-Obviously if you are running and exercising and producing a sweat this is also a useful way of detoxification.

7)Practicing Deep Breathing- is another way to eliminate toxins because doing so proves a sense of calmness that has positive effects throughout the body. Most of my patients experience depression and anxiety and high levels of stress alongside their gut problem as the gut and brain are connected via your vagus nerve. Stress is the number one cause of IBS! Many patients have alot of stored trauma from childhood and bad family lives and they have not learned how to relax or even how to breathe. It is really good to see that schools are teaching mindfulness and meditation to children now to arm them with the skills they need later on in life to build mental health resilience to modern life stresses. I give tuition on how to calm your vagus nerve to alleviate anxiety,  how to breathe properly and I recommend CBT Therapy.

8)Drink 2 liters of water per day- Filtered ideally if you have a bad water supply. Cold bottled spring water either from the supermarket.  We love Glencar Water here. You can buy bags in our local Carney shop. Have a full bottle everywhere, car, bedroom, kitchen, office, gym bag etc!

9)Drink dandelion tea daily to promote bile flow in the digestive system. Its another step to supporting the livers job.

10)Drink Less Alcohol-We all know that having more than 14 units of alcohol per week affects our liver so it is advised that you only drink seven or less per week to ensure your liver is in the best condition as possible. If on nights out always have toxaprevent medi plus before you head out,  a pint or 2 of water during the night and one at the end. It will save you from a bad hangover!

11)Milk Thistle is a herb used to support the liver detoxification. Exercise caution with herbs. They make many people feel haywire. They have no large scale clinical trials on them. They have as much and maybe more side effects as any pharmaceutical medication. But can be useful if one can tolerate them. Go to a reputable herbalist like https://www.westernherbalmedicine.com/

Always at Your Disposal for Help and Support. Sorry I cannot answer any personal health related questions without a consultation. For more blogs and gut info see Blog – Go With Your Gut (polished.ie)

Hope you have a Gut Week!