Am I Depressed, Tired or Just Worn Out?

Depression is not just feeling suicidal or hopeless.
It simply can be:
Letting yourself go
Letting your hair go grey
Not wearing makeup anymore
Not bothering to dress up anymore
Not wanting to get up in the morning
Not showering as much
Staying in dressing gown pjs
Watching tv during the day
Not wanting to work
Not cooking nutritious food for yourself or your kids
Avoiding seeing friends
Not talking to people
Not able to exercise
Not able to start new hobbies
It makes you cross and impatient with your kids
It makes you uninterested in your relationship
You may fall out with family, colleagues etc
It makes you uninterested in doing new things, going new places, setting goals, or educating yourself
It makes you seem aloof and uninterested in others which causes dysfunctional friendships

Having conversations going around in your head that you wish you could turn off

It can simply make you unable to enjoy your beautiful life

Write it down, what occurs for you on what specific days in your cycle, and if theres a pattern particular before your period you may have PMDD or bad PMS
For PMDD hormones may correct this or psychiatry medication also

If you feel like this all the time, everyday you may need antidepressant medication or a combination of agents SSRIs, SNRIs, Antipsychotics or Tricyclic antidepressants

This is an area i spend vast time on in clinic with clients because HOW WE FEEL determines our day, determines our actions, determines our reactions, determines our behaviours to ourselves and others etc so HOW WE FEEL is of paramount important to how happy and successful our lives are

Its time to talk about it and find solutions.
Know this is very common and you can live a happy fulfilled life with the right treatment, Email ei.tugruoyhtiwog@ofni