Do you want a Personalised Probiotic made for your Gut?

I didnt think we would have this type of gut microbiome DNA screening technology for another 10 years but we’ve just gotten a new development last year, by an american company Sun  Genomics selling the Flore test to Irish customers.

This is the most exciting development I have seen in the field of gut health yet! I’m very excited I have started mine 12 months ago and I have very little problems with my digestion now aside from being careful with how many fodmaps I consume together! So It is now possible to do a test to check exactly what microbes are in your gut and make a personalised probiotic for you that will eradicate any SIBO, SIFO the bad guys that are causing your health symptoms and inoculate the gut with the good microbes you need to make you feel great, to help get you off any medication etc.

Flore kits are made for baby, toddlers, and kids too! I think this is the best option for us all going forward as we as practitioners are shooting in the dark with general probiotics like Sy#####e which costs approximately €800 pp a year. The Flore test costs €450 for the 1st kit and 3 months probiotics. You must be prepared to stay with this programme for 2 years. You will have to do another Flore test at €450 6 weeks into your personalised probiotics so a new batch is made for you and arrives at your house ontime just before your first 3 months finishes so you have continuity in your plan.

To order use my practitioner discount FM5 in the website. What you are looking for is called Flore adult and probiotic upgrade. Register yourself as a customer on the website. When the kit arrives you follow the instructions, post off your stool sample to the UK and register the kit number via the Sun Genomics app where all of your results will be posted in 14 days. The client registers the kit via the Sun Genomics portal where all of their results will be posted in 14days. To download the Flore Sun Genomics app on google play on android phones or apple store for apple phones. In this portal there is also a questionnaire for you to fill out outlining your symptoms, concerns you can also do this on a laptop or your mobile via their website. This allows Sun Genomics to further target the supplement.

It takes 2 weeks to get the analysis results and a further 4 weeks for them to formulate the personalised microbiome supplement. That gives 4 weeks to allow for a protocol to kill off any SIBO pathogens/parasites etc based on the results. That will be further supported by the Floré supplement when started. So its takes approx 6 weeks in total to get your first set of capsules. You can choose from capsules (left) or powder (powder for babies or kids).  When your capsules arrive they give you half dose for 7 days and 30 day personalised microbiome supplements in 3 packs. All must be kept in fridge. It is ok to take 2 weeks out for on holidays if you need to. Take first thing in morning with water and ideally no food for an hour. Please email me ei.tugruoyhtiwog@ofni if you have any questions. I am doing flore adult myself and can guide you through the process. For more blogs and tips Blog – Go With Your Gut (

Kind Regards,
Fiona Murphy