How the digestive system is effected by stress

Ever have a gut feeling about something? well there’s a reason for that. Your gut or your entire digestive system is comprised of your mouth to your anus, the small and large intestine, pancreas, liver, gallbladder- all of these impacts your digestive system. Serotonin is one of the neurochemicals that helps mood, memory, sex drive, appetite, digestion and sleep. People think of it as the happy hormone. At least 80% of serotonin is synthesized in our gut and often many of our gut bacteria that make serotonin are completely destroyed by stress, by processed food, by antibiotics and living an unauthentic life. Our emotions and thoughts are really significant too in determining what is growing in the microbiome.  The gut and the brain connection is powerful, it is called the enteric nervous system. They’re connected by the vagus nerve which is the largest nerve in the body. There is a bidirectional 2 way flow between the gut and the brain so everything that’s going on in the gut is felt by the brain and vice versa. So if you’re stressed out regularly your gut feels this and adjusts to give energy to the brain to cope, meanwhile it has to reduce its own capabilities to do this. This means low stomach acid, faulty motor migration complex so food is not wafted on through the digestive system, but not broken down to small assimable particles for the body to digest. Food can be sitting rotting or fermenting in your gut without you ever knowing it until one develops sibo or worse mould toxicity after years of stress and poor digestion. If you have food intolerances, bloating and gas regularly your brain feels this and vice versa. Both of these things as in my gut doesn’t feel well and I’m depressed or anxious or have insomnia, all these symptoms are linked together for that reason, because the entire nervous system is comprised of the gut and the brain. We often see in medical literature the new emerging term, the gut brain axis, and this is what that refers to. In 2024 the medical model will be catching up to how to treat IBS and SIBO longterm with respect for the nervous system. This is a big part of my work and id be happy to help you if you are suffering. See landing page on or email my secretary on ei.tugrouoyhtiwog@ofni .
Heres to gut health