Is LONG COVID related to MCAS Mast Cell Activation Syndrome?

I treat patients with histamine issues. We see lots of perimenopausal women on HRT with histamine symptoms as the new oestrogen plays havoc and the mast calls are stimulated to produce even more oestrogen with the extra topical patch and gel oestrogen. We also see women complaining of long covid, is this actually perimenopause? or MCAS? Little is known about Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and I myself was on a programme for treating this for 2 years as part of my health journey so I know alot about this.

Recently in the UK a doctor has been researching and treated over 100 patients with long covid. So far Only 2 out of 100 had no previous history of histamine reaction. Some had a few allergies, childhood history of eczema, bad reaction to insect bites maybe bit of rosacea as they get older. Also patients with severe IBS or even mild IBS with chronic headaches and undiagnosed hives. She treated them for MCAS and their symptoms improved massively.

An excellent paper and I’d really recommend it published September 2020 in the International Journal of Infectious diseases and it’s a paper by Dr Afrin Covid-19 hyperinflammation and post-Covid-19 illness may be rooted in mast cell activation syndrome (  It talks about patients who have difficulty recovering from Covid, who might have underlying MCAS. This is substantiated by a study from Cambridge that looked at patients with long Covid. They looked at the immune response of patients who got over the covid quickly and saw that that it was a very different immune response to that they saw in the long Covid patients. They queried it might be worth trying treating acute Covid patients with the treatment for MCAS as soon as they catch it so to catch the ones who really need it.

If you need to take anti histamines and steroid sprays to control symptoms maybe try quercitin now as the hayfever season is upon us and take it right throughout the summer. Quercetin can also be useful as it’s a mast cell stabiliser. Histamine is a normal substance our body produces. But some of us dont have enough of the DAO enzyme to break it down and it accumulates. Especially patients who’ve got a history of any IBS or food intolerances hayfever, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, interstitial cystitis, fibromyalgia, POTS, chronic fatigue syndrome or anyone that looks like they fit in with MCAS profile. Starting HRT and noticing histamine symptoms can be related to this rise in oestrogen. If you want to discuss possible histamine issues in your body email moc.liamg@3102yhprummanoif i will add you to my online and F2F cancellation list.
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