How to Make Bathtime Ease Stress & Anxiety

Tip on how to have the most Relaxing bath 🛀. OCTOBER is a month we can work on our resetting our nervous systems. The most important thing to do to get your body into healing mode, to recover from any stressful period in your life, to get hormones balance back, to get your immune system back in balance is REST REST REST.

Most high functioning sick people are sick because resting does not come naturally to them and we dont sitdown, sleep or rest enough. We are sick with anxiety because we have been exerting too much pressure on our nervous and adrenal systems hence all our health issues. Making more time to relax is KEY.

🧘‍♀️I have experienced severe prolonged stress BUT also experienced prolonged zen peaceful times in my life and through learning awareness, meditation and mindfulness and i use my fortnightly bathtimes to improve my practice of quitening my body and mind.

👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩If u have children and can’t rest when they are in the house, lock yourself in the bathroom and make it a spa day.

All you need is lots of hot water, some Epson salts buy in any chemist (Start with a tabelspoon and workup to 2.5cups for detoxification over a few months) (use less at the start to build up your tolerance of magnesium salts, this is a far safer better way to get magnesium into your body than using a supplement),

Hang a crystal wind chime
Add some pure essential oils 15 drops in the bath (sage oils a gift canada are my favourite),

Burn only soy candles (i love @brookeandshoalsfragrances) all other cheap candle brands like Y*****candels are toxic and we should not be breathing them in.

Open the window to ventilate room, cold air will keep you longer in the hot water and will let any birds song come in and i play a free youtube meditation.

Listening to soundbaths (gongs) or running water and birds are my absolute favourite.

I focus on my breathing and just listening to the running tap. I do neck and foot stretchs.

I soak for at least a half hour. (When i get the chance i stay there for 1.5 hours). Its best to finish a bath at least an hour before bed so your body temperature cools down enough to fall asleep easy.

Do you take baths? What works for you?

Have a gut week ❤️