2020 Tan Tips this Summer

May 2020 This year we all may be holidaying in Ireland due to Lockdown but this year the irish summer makes us ok with that. We’ve had hardly any rain since mid march and soo much sun still in the forecast. Now I have more time I can have a little rave about one of mine and the nation’s favorite tans @cocoabrowntan. I put one application of the extra dark tan on 2 weeks ago. Im sallow so i like it very dark. Theres also the original medium and dark in the collection .I havent reapplied the tan but i have been topping up nightly with the “Gentle Bronze” and I’m so tanned, my skin isn’t dry or patchy. I had never used the daily moisturizing tan gentle bronze much before and I am Soo thrilled with its ability to keep my tan going for so long. Also If anyone hasn’t used their “tough stuff” and “fresh start” http://www.cocoabrown.ie exfoliators before tanning, there’s nothing like these for removing old tan and dead skin.


Even homemade scrubs don’t cut what this can do. Love it to remove the dead skin and get the new shiny skin to be revealed. If any of you need it I have the full range in stock. Tan €9, minis €2, fresh start €10 DM ei.dehsilop@anoif or 0868439979 to arrange pickup or