21 Jan 2016 Review of CATRICES Multi Colour Pressed Powder

Everytime I find a brilliant multi purpose makeup product I always think its worth a mention. So there I was in the airport pharmacy picking up the last few bits for my holiday to Morocco and i decided to try the CATRICE Multi coloured compact pressed powder id never used before. Im prone to pigmentation from the sun and previous laser treatments, and (especially whilst pregnant) so I always wear factor 50 spf, i use foundation and pressed powder to amplify the spf effect. Iv heard great things about CATRICE. Well this is such a great holiday find. It has multiple powder colours running through it. Altogether when you swirl in with a big brush it works as a great powder. Not too matte, just perfect for my combo skin but great coverage and very fine, really hides the pores. When you use a small cotton bud you can use the lighest colour for an eyeshadow base or to seal conceler in under your eyes, you can use an eyeshadow brush on the darkest tan sections and over the pink to make great eyeshadows and you can use the tan and pink sections with a powder applicator to do your contouring and blusher. So I no longer need to bring seperate eyeshadows, blusher, powder, and bronzers.all I need is this! and even better no matter how many times my 1 year old son threw it on the tiled bathroom floor it still never broke! I have the LIGHTER colour compact and I would say im fairly dark and tan well so only opt for the darker ones if your very very dark! If you are very irish skinned im not sure this is an option for you. Hope you also find it useful on your next holiday. Love Fee x
Fiona Brady | Makeup Artist | POLISHED Hair & Beauty | Sligo-086-8439979
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