New Year. Get a New Better You in 2016. How to get in Shape for Your Wedding Day?. Erradicate the SUGAR (As Much as possible)

06 Jan 2016 New Year. Get a New Better You.

  • TIP 3 How to get in Shape for Your Wedding Day?. Erradicate the SUGAR (As Much as possible) (to see other tips scroll down) Here are my thought on how reducing sugar in my diet has affected me positively.

Over the last few years  Sugar has been a buzz word In the world of media. Iv studied a lot on this topic and I firmly believe it is the reason why our skin is aging so fast, why we are getting cancer and why our mental health and coping skillis are slipping. Sugar is a processed food and food manufacturers put it in everything to make everything taste better. It is hidden in so many foods. The cave man never ate sugar. He fished in the ocean, killed animals, picked berries off the trees, ate eggs from birds. He did not know about sugar. With all of this in mind I have been steadily eradicating as much sugar from our diets as possible. And its made a massive difference in my  battle of the blub..i am not gaining as much weight as I should be considering I do way less exercise..thats because I am eating more of the right foods and way less sugar and hidden sugars. Things i now do are:
1)Im Reading the back of the food packets in supermarkets. I avoid bread, cakes, jams with fructose glucose syrup, sugar etc. The nearer the item sugar is to the top of the ingredient lists the more sugar is in that item.
2)Im Eating Jam with no added sugar or sweetners.
3)Choosing Organic Yougurts with no sugar and that are not low fat or diet (these are loaded with sweetners).
4)I  stopped that bad habit of having a glass of concentrated orange juice every morning before I ran out the door (I might as well have been spoon feeding myself 5 spoons of pure sugar -its that toxic.)
5) I stopped layering dinner in ketchup and sauce. Loaded with sugars.
6)I stopped eating chocolate and biscuits at night in front of tv.
7)I choose gin n tonic instead of bulmers or Smirnoff ice when on night out.
8)I started making our own bread and fruit cakes. I put no sugar in the bread and I use half the sugar the ingredients lists in the fruit cakes. Shop bought bread often contains sugar. Check the labels.
And funny how my palatte has changed. I have discovered the more sugar you consume, the more your body will crave it, the less of it you eat, the less you will crave it. Your going to hate me but honestly I can take it or leave that chocolate bar now..i don’t miss all..Make little changes little by little and over time your sugar cravings will lessen and you wont miss all that chocolate eating in front of the tv. Its all about making NEW HABITS. These days I rarely touch orange juice or any juices for that fact (unless their real and not made from concentrate) I simply dont need to drink artificial sweet tasting drinks.
 My daily drinks are (if I have time in the morning) A Pint of Cool Boiled Water with half a lemon squeezed into it. Thirst quenching.  And full of Vitamin C. If your body is nourished with the Vitamins it needs you wont be needing to eat of drink sugary drinks. Also Lemon is an Appetite suppressant.  Lemon is also really detoxifying. It kicks your liver into fat burning mode. And we all want as much of that as possible! But be careful don’t overdo the lemon. If you get diarrheoa then cut back.
Enjoy A Pint of Water with a Vitamin C fizzy tablet. Dissolve and guzzle. Thirst quenching.  Appetite suppressing. I believe Vitamin C is one of the most powerful vitamins to keep our bodys young and healthy and our skin youthful as its full of antioxidants. And I really doubt with our irish diet and weather we are consuming enough raw fruits and berries daily to get what we need. So enjoy the fizzy vitamin c tablet. Aldi or tesco own brand are as good as anything. A tube costs a euro. See Tip 4 for The last in this series of blogs.

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