Acne? Check your Digestion first!

Do you suffer with Bad Skin? Maybe Adult Acne?
Are you in your 30s or 40s?
Excellant skin care routine?
Have a good diet and are taking vitamins but are not seeing the results?

Did you ever think that this may be because of poor absorption in your gut? That you are not absorbing the vitamins and minerals in your food?
Do you have Digestion Issues? Example you can’t eat late at night? Hate eating out?
Maybe you have ” LOW STOMACH ACID”?
Maybe your body isn’t digesting or absorbing your food properly?
Maybe your liver is sluggish from supplements?

When i think of all the vitamins, probiotics I took that I now realise ALL THE MONEY I WASTED!

Try this SIMPLE TEST to see if your stomach is producing enough acid. It is called “The Burp test”.

Method: Do the test for 5 mornings in a row. Stir a 1 teaspoon of bread soda in 8 oz cold water and and swallow all first thing in morning. Use bread soda not BAKING POWDER. Bread soda has a type of alkaline reaction with acidic stomach acid (if its there in suitable amounts). That will cause you to do a big burp.  Set your stopwatch after you drink it, if you dont “belch loudly” within 3 mins you may have low stomach acid. Small burps dont count. Or any burps after 3 mins. This may mean you are not digesting, or absorbing food well. This test was a major step for me to help realise my acne was down to poor gut and liver function and poor digestive enzymes.

You may need a tablet supplement of betaine hcl capsules per meal and digestive supplements with every meal to help the issue. I needed 2 betaine hcl and 2 digestive enzymes every meal to provide enough acid to digest my food until my stomach acid returned normal itself. This needs to be order by a practitioner.  Vitamins can work for some health issues but only at the right dose. Only a nutritionist can prescribe higher doses. The dose you pick up in a chemist is mainly too low to effectively treat any health condition.

My lifes work is to help support, treat, empower and inspire women through education. I had 3 decades of acne until I learned how to resolve it. It is my passion to solve clients skin troubles.

I am not a doctor just a nutrition, gut and health coach! Always follow the advice of your Healthcare Professional.

Fiona Murphy