Need Help Choosing Henna or HD Brows?

HD Brows  or  High Definition brows have been doing the rounds for the past few years. Henna Brows have recently been launched. Heres what you need to know

So what are they and how are they done? HD is a marketing term that makes you think it is something new. But actually it combines treatments that have been around for years, waxing of the hair above and below the brow, tinting the eyebrow hair and the skin around the brow, threading, trimming and tweezing the hair to achieve the desired shape, and lastly adding further definition with brow makeup. Henna is the same it has been around for years. HD Brows SligoIn my opinion it does not last that much longer than tint. Maybe a day or 2 more (but not 3 weeks as it is being advertised to). If the eyebrow area is very dry pre tint you can achieve a much longer lasting tint with anything as the skin and hair picks up henna or tint better. Even slight oiliness will totally change the look you end up with.

Because of poor work by inexperienced therapists, for the most part like gel nails, they are getting a bad rep. Visions of young huns exhibiting brows so big and so black and soo utterly awful resembling groucho marx are being observed by me and being and reported to me.

Not every therapist can do HD Brows well. It depends on who you go to. Word of Mouth and Brow and Lash Specialists who do Semi Permanent Phi Brows or Microblading or Embrowdery for 3 years plus in their business tend to be the best to go with as it is the skill of years of experience aswell as the artistic creativity within the person and the patience of the therapist to be able to “visualise” and “design the best brow that will suit your face”. It will be a different experience every therapist you go to. You have to find one who does your brows the way you like them to be. Or when you look in the mirror that they enhance your features. Not overide them.

Tinting has come along way too. Many salons still only give you dark brown and black due to lack of training (even if you ask for light brown) but there are a range of shades available from copper to burnt orange to suit every hair shade on the market now. Again an experienced therapist will stock the new colours or be able to mix up the right colour to match your hair.

Eyebrow Tinting or Henna?

The best Brow Techs do freehand brow and they dont use a stencil to make the shape. The best HD Brow is the one that suits your face, your features, not a drawn on one with a stencil. Who wants to see “the brows” before the girl? Brows should show your features off. They should define your face. People should comment and say “wow, you look great, what have you done,”not “wow look at how big or dark your brows are?” they shouldnt be so visible they are screaming off your face and this effect takes time to achieve so they should take 30 minutes to be done..properly.

Henna or HD Brows are not in any way semi permanent. In my experience they dont last for any more than one week and a half, even henna. If you take care of them and are not rubbing the tint off with cleanser every night, that is. Be careful if you are toning or using glycolic lotions. They also strip tint. HD or Henna brows ideal though for wedding weekends and holidays though and i love them for that.

Henna Eyebrows SligoNot every client though is suitable. I often refuse people. Because if you have large gaps or thin misshapen brows HD or Henna brows are not going to do anything extra for you. If you have sparse brows the only thing that will work is imbedding pigment into the skin semi permanently. See my page on eyebrow embrowdery

The most suitable client for HD or Henna are the ones with decent brows, minimal gaps and a full brow.

I offer both in salon. A Consultation and Patch test is always required before your first treatment.

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