Guide to Getting Glowing Wedding Skin

My Nightime Skin Routine. For years now I have never liked cleaning my face with lotion and water. Have always found it drying. My favourite is a double cleanse using kinvarras cleansing oil and a hot face cloth to remove the days makeup and debris. (I always use damp cotton pads to remove the heavy makeup first) . Next I use Jan Marinis BioClear  lotion. This is a combination of lots of fruit acids Glycolic, Salicylic etc exfoliates the déad skin cells of the day away, clears pores, brightens.



Jan Marini is a cosmoceutical brand of really scientifically medically proven skincare. I have never found an acid lotion as effective as this one (these are safe fruit acids from plants and not dangerous acids!). I have areas on my temples that get blackheads but if I use this underneath serums etc the blackheads stop appearing. It is an incredible product. I use it until its gone. I find it most effective after a months use. My skin can get a little dry from it after 2 months so then i stop using it.




Next I use a vitamin A serum from The Ordinary from Deceim Retinol 5% Product on my arms chest and neck. It is oily and hydrating. Age shows on these areas so don’t forget them when your applying your serums. You can start at the 2% and if you develop any sensitivity or redness this is called a healing crisis. It means the product is working. Stop using it until itch/redness goes away. And then reuse. Avoid using around spray tan exposure as irritation will show up. Some facts: too much Vitamin A builds up at the inside of the cell wall which can cause irritation so you must start with a low dose and work your way up. Start with the esters of vitamin A such as Retinyl Palmitate or Acetate. Then move to Retinols once you tolerate it then to Retinoic acid. It may take a couple of years to develop tolerance to get to the next level of vitamin A.



Because I have had acne and scarring I have been using the top dog Retinoic acid 0.05% for 20 years now. I get it on Prescription from my Doctor. You can’t get a dose like that from a salon. It is the most effective anti aging vitamin A cream and it costs only €30 for a tube. It is called Retin A or Airol is the name it is being sold under by the current company who have the licence for it on prescription only from your Gp. Vitamin A at high doses is the most effective skincare item for anti aging, better tone, radiance, skin renewal etc. You won’t find better clinical studies backing its effectiveness with any other skincare peptide, vitamin or enzyme. And shock horror I never use any night cream. I don’t need to. My skin is totally hydrated using my current regime and drinking alot of water. I keep my acne at bay with


Anti ageing Skincare Vitamins Sligo – Accumax from @advancednutritionprogramme and a pouch of Skin ULTIMATE everyday to boost my levels of antioxidants to free radical damage.

What do you use on your skin?

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