Eat Harvest Fruits for Youthful Glowing Skin

I spend much of my free time in Autumn harvesting the fruits (of my husbands labour). Our garden

Keep Gut Healthy with Greens for Great Skin
Keep Gut Healthy with Greens for Great Skin

eventually produced fruit after 7 years of work.  I want to eat organic and  growing it yourself appears to be the only way we can be guaranteed of that.

  • Strawberries and Lettuces in May and June
  • July is Blackcurrent, Raspberries and Mushrooms season
  • August and September is Blackberry time
  • Apples and Onions in September


  • I eat as many fruits of the harvest to keep my hair, skin and nails looking good.
  • To help ward off ageing and degenerative diseases.
  • To teach my kids good dietary habits for life so they too have the best chance at growing up healthy.

Reasons I pick so many berries during harvest time and freeze them for use throughout the year.

1) Berries are excellent sources of vitamin C, manganese, and dietary fiber. They are also rich in B vitamins, folic acid, copper, and iron.
2) Their oil from has a sun protection factor.
3) Furthermore, it helps to lose weight as part of a weight loss programme.
4)By improving your immune system, these berries actually look after your overall health, which means less colds and flus.
5)They contain lots of Vitamin C, have the “highest level of antioxidants of all fruits”and so have the most anti-aging properties of all fruits.

6) They contain quercetin which also helps prevents heart and circulatory disease and age-related decline.

Eat Blackberries for Great Skin
Eat Blackberries for Great Skin
7)They are high in ellagic acid, that prevents cancer, eliminating the progress of cancers and has anti-inflammatory properties which helps treat viral and bacterial infections. Sounds good doesnt it?

8)The have some of the highest ORAC Units. This is the measure of the anti oxidant power of a food (that is its ability to ward off degenerative disease and the free radicals that cause aging in the skin. See this chart from Patrick J Holfords Optimum Nutrition Bible.

Freezing is a healthy way to process freshly picked fruit and this is how I have them all year around.

Freezing does not remove the nutrients.

  • It preserves the fiber and other nutrients in the fruit.
  • Frozen berries have nearly the same amount of fiber, minerals and vitamins as fresh fruit.
  • If you cant grow your own Aldi and Lidl do frozen ones in bags. I either buy Tesco Finest or Boylans or Dunnes Blueberries and Strawberries as i find the Aldi/Lidl ones a bit
  • small and wizzand looking.(I live in Sligo so this is all that is available to me)
  • To top up my diet with everything my skin needs I also pop a multivitamin and an antioxidant supplement daily from the IIAAs advanced nutrition programme .

I retail the full range in the salon because they are top quality supplements. I really believe what you put into your body shows on the outside. I want the best products to support my clients busy lifestyles as well as keep them looking gorgeous forever of course!

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