10 Skincare Tips to Protect You in The SUN

Some facts about sun protection factor you may not know about.

1)Getting sun is not all bad for your skin, in fact your skin produces  a very high quality vitamin D of its own when large body parts are exposed to sun for half an hour on a sunny day.

2)It is the burning that really does the most damage ageing wise and increases the skin cancer risk, especially when you are burnt as a young child (mammies put spf 30-50 on your children). The UV damage stays with your cells.

3)In terms of what level of sun protection to use there is very little difference between 30 and 50, the 50 just has more chemicals, (if you are in the shop and SpF 50 has sold out.)

4)You need to apply it every couple of hours to guarantee this level of protection.

5)What to buy? One of my favourite cream brands is https://www.laroche-posay.ie. Their Anthelios Range provides excellant Broad Spectrum protection from the UVA (ageing rays) and UVB (burning rays). Suitable for sensitive and sun intolerant skin. Many are tinted and light, others have a good makeup coverage and all non comedogenic. Available in our local Grange Pharmacy. https://www.facebook.com/Grange-Pharmacy-343774396313/

I also love topping up the SPF throughout the day and minimising any shine with Jane Iredales Mineral Pressed Powders. These have a SPF of 20 that is certified by the Skin Cancer Federation. Full range available in salon. Make an appointment for a colour match.

6) What To Use for Skin Ageing?: For you adults there is another way aswell as using spf on your skin to protect your skin, from the suns ageing rays. This is FROM THE INSIDE, by increasing your bodys levels of antioxidants.

7) Your body makes its own antioxidants and collagen (those guys that keep your skin plump and firm up until your mid twenties). Then collagen levels drop by 1-2% every year ;(


8) Once you hit 30s you really need to eat a lot more “antioxidant rich foods” to keep your skin looking its best. Berries are are great source. Foods with high colour have the most.

Eat More Yellow foods: Peppers, Tumeric, Bananas.

Eat More Orange foods: Carrots, Cinnamon, Sweet Potatoes,Walnuts.

Eat More Purple foods: Blackberries, Blueberries Black Purple Grapes.

Eat More Green foods: Lettuce, Brocolli, Spinach, Peas (frozen is great) and Avocado.

Eat More Red foods: Vine Tomatoes, Raspberries, Strawberries and Peppers.

9)Supplement your diet with a combination of antioxidants in a capsule. This particular supplement I retail in salon and I take daily for anti ageing. Skin Antixoxidant from https://www.advancednutritionprogramme.com.

I tan well but usually go a little bit red

and taking this supplement has totally changed how my skin reacts in sun.

This is because my skin now has increased internal sun protection factor and I dont need as much suncream. I am just enjoying getting a real tan much easier, much safer.

10) If you are white skinned and always burn then this is also a suitable supplement for you to give you more resilience from burning and the damaging free radicals from sun exposure.

Never Ignore The Advice of Your Doctor or Dermatologist. A Full Range of Skincare Supplements is Available At our Salon In Sligo.  Always at your disposal for skin questions and consultations by appointment. Feel free to share this blog post.

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