My Gut Health & Mental Health Journey in 2024- 8 years in!

Hello everyone. My name is Fiona age 44 From Ireland. Self Employed Scientist and Biohacker. Specialist interest in pharmacology of antidepressants, heavy metals and Dementia, thyroid and adrenal healing and gut health.

I myself was exposed to multiple antibiotics for pneumonia age 2 and for UTIs age 5. High stress family life growing up. My mum had bad undiagnosed depression and anxiety all her life so home life was very stressful. On mums side of family theres lots of depression. we all have methylation issues and Apoe4 inflammatory gene is common as is dementia in 70s. I’m eldest child, ended up caring for mum once I was 23 along with university, finding a man, house, career etc.I had chronic anxiety and IBS from age 17 and bad acne since age 12. Had bad insomnia from age 30 when my dad died suddenly and the rat race wore me out.

Couldn’t get medication correct in my mid 30s for either anxiety or insomnia and I corporate life age 34 to have my children and focus on my health. With mums diagnosis of dementia I hit close to burnout from not being able to sleep after my 2nd child was born age 36. Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, no energy, depression, chronic gut issues by age 38. Diagnosed with SIBO and mould toxicity age 40. I tried to detox my liver and release candida with a functional doctor, i was on 15 different supplements and liver herbs but my body was not able for it, my liver enzymes became raised I stopped programme age 41 after 1.25years of takig €600 of supplements a month. I wasn’t sleeping at all and my anxiety was sky high postnatally i now know this was partially due to high copper and having  calcium shell from stress. I was fighting for my life and marriage. Thankfully i found 2 new doctors and got right medication for insomia and anxiety and started healing gut age 40 to 43. Went on HRT age 41 for body pain, depression and low energy, low strength, no libido. It helped alot so I could continue working to fund my health investigations. It cost me guts of 35K to get this far!

Thankfully found further root causes age 43 and 44 and now on a programme to heal adrenals and thyroid as I’m always soo cold and was very weak physically. HRT caused multiple UTis and thrush so been on lots antibiotics the past few years which isn’t helping my candida.

But things are improving I’m sleeping so well now. I’m still on 3 medications for sleep and anxiety, 3 hormones in HRT for energy and depression and 22 different supplements. My digestion is excellent now. SIBO in gut is gone. My energy has improved massively this past year. I have lots of nutritional deficiencies from 20 years of gut issues as I was not absorbing properly due to stress, not producing enough bile and having a sluggish liver adrenals and thyroid and I am healing those over the next year. Over the next 3 years I will be working on my liver to excrete stones of toxicity. I’m not excreting metals in my hair yet and I’m at risk of Dementia as I have the gene so its important I energise my body and fuel it appropriately so it has the energy to excrete the heavy metals and chemical toxins that can cause mental and physical health issues. Im finding my current liver detox supplement very challenging. Feel like I have ADHD from it Brain fog, can’t Focus easily, little things rattle me.its causing me a total personality change, i cant talk to people. Im depressed etc. These are symptoms of detoxing metals. It’s a long road to recovery but im aiming for full health by age 50!