Summer Salad Topping Ideas

What are you making for dinner? Summer 2022 in Sligo keeps on giving 🙏. Another sunny eve to eat outdoors, get some vitamin D, set more lettuce, harvest the lavender and apples and eat from the garden.
We need to be eating fresh and wholefoods guys as much as possible for our health.
Think big when making salads.
Salads are delicious when made properly. They are an easy way to increase your daily plant totals. 🤔Heres 10 good for your gut foods you may not have thought about putting in a salad
💭Think fruits and beans not just veggie salady things!
🌸I added some edible flowers from the garden
🍐I added some pear and kiwi
🍁A drizzle if maple syrup to sweeten leaves
🥑 Avocado
🥗Some dollops of chickpea hummus
🥜Toasted pine nuts
🍅 Cherry tomatoes
Apple cider vinegar and
and lashings of extra virgin olive oil and feta cheese for flavour