TIP 2 How to get in Shape for Your Wedding Day?. You have to Start Eating Less- Yes That means “less calories”.

TIP 2 How to get in Shape for Your Wedding Day?. You have to Start Eating Less- Yes That mean less calories. You just have to try the 5:2 diet.

Eating 3 meals a day always led me to be over consuming my daily calorie requirement (2,000 for a women) except I didn’t know this for many years.. The minute id start eating id always want to clear my plate, I think we got told very often as children, eat up, the black children are starving in Africa..The more id eat, the more id want to eat. This was fine in my 20s but not once I turned 30. The more food I ate the more I wanted. Your brain and your sugar cravings turn your appetite into a monster. That’s until you start controlling your mind which inturn controls your body.  It’s a misconception that you will be slimmer by consuming 5 small meals a day. As for all these weight management programmes, you don’t need any of them, its all just clever marketing,  that poor helpless overweight sod gets sucked into making them think they need it… You don’t. You just need to eat less. ..Simple As. No more no less. It’s the truth. Sasta, Unislim, Motivation etc they all have one thing in common, you consume less calories as part of their programmes and this is really the only thing that’s important in losing weight.

A bit of advice when choosing food.

  • Look at the items calories per 100gs. This is printed on almost everything. If it has 200 calories of more per 100gs its calorific. If 100 or less its very good for you and eat this food item more regularly. Cheese is particularly calorific. Iv now substituted  a low fat cheese called quark, get it in a pot in supervalue or dunnes,  instead of grating lovely cheddar cheese all over everything! Gosh I still love a cheese board when im eating out or the odd cheese on cream crackers fest but that’s not regularly and im conscious of when I do it! I used to eat lil packets of cheese on the go. Not anymore! Eat a tuna sandwich once weekly instead of processed ham. Less calories. Way better for you.
  • As part of my goal to get to my goal weight 57kg (I am 5 foot 6.5) I studied different ways of eating and have found the 5:2 diet to be particularly effective. I could never calorie count or weigh out portions of food or stick to diet plans daily.. But This diet or id  prefer to call it a new way of living and eating was so appealing to me. It tells you to eat as you normally would 5 days a week and then on 2 days, for example Mondays (post weekend splurging) and /Thursday or Fridays eat approx a  500 calorie meal, only your breakfast and a healthy lunch that day. No dinner, no snacking that day. By doing this you are automatically stopping yourself eating approx. 1,500 calories x 2 days a week, which amounts to a whopping pound of fat on the scales.
  • So I started to do my own version of this eating plan. I had my normal breakfast 10am. Porridge or muesli usually. Then I committed to my omelette dinner one day a week (SO in fact I was only doing 5:1).at usually 4pm (as discussed in previous blog post TIP 1 )and I didn’t have any food after that until 10am breakfast the next day. This gave my body at least a 16hr fast.   The theory behind “intermittent fasting-part of the 5:2 diet” is that you are giving your own digestive system a rest, cleaning out your system , so that when you go back to eating your digestive system will be revved up and ready to work at super fast fat burning pace 😉 . Also the body is designed to use your fat stores if you need energy during that 16 hr fast, so you start burning your excess body fat during this time 😉 and to top it all off the last benefit is that because you aren’t putting any food in your tummy for 16hrs plus, your stomach shrinks, and your appetite shrinks, so when you go back to eating, you wont want to eat so much. And it all works so well! Which means your overall daily, weekly calorie intake is reduced and this is what matters on the scales. Put simply :this is how to lose weight the easy way-in my opinion. But it made such a difference to me!
  • This way of eating has transformed me. Quite simply I found the solution to eating less. Weekly.  I eat like this almost every weekday now. I no longer am a slave to the gym. I have so little time to workout these days but I don’t have to because I am eating way less calories due to this way of eating. And quite simply it suits my lifestyle to have 2 meals a day. (Except when im pregnant I have to eat 4 meals a day). Now it will be moderately easy to get down to the last half stone (7Lbs) but then your body will really start to resist the weight loss and you will start platuing. This is because your body thinks you are starving it so to become really slim you really do have to eat very little. I was actually shocked how little calories are needed to get you to your goal weight and to loose that last LAST half stone. Something like a bowl of cereal in the morning and a small dinner. It sucks but it works and once you get to your goal weight your body and tummy will be so reduced that you wont be able to eat the quanitities like you used to.
  • Lastly, I agree intermittent fasting wont suit everyone.  If you suffer from low blood sugar and cannot go without meals then this wont work but for the rest of you try it. In my previous life working in pharma and nuitrition I attended talks by Irelands Top Obesity Expert Dr Donal O’Shea who was asked about intermittent fasting and he agreed that giving your body a weekly rest doesn’t do you any harm. So try it! What have you got to loose. Nothing except calories! Call me anytime you have a question.Tune in next week for TIP 3.
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