Getting Lash Extensions in Sligo-Tips on getting the most out of your lashes

Getting Lash Extensions in Sligo?-Tips on getting the most out of your Lash Appointment

If you are looking for volume and have found that previous lash extension sets havent been wow enough then you need to ask for Russian volume 3D/6D lash extensions when booking your appointment. They are more expensive as 3-6 lashes are applied per natural lash so the more lashes = more expensive. We do both types of these lashes in our salon in sligo.

It always is a good idea to have a lash tint before hand ideally 1-2 days before as it gets the root of your lashes really dark so when your own lashes start to grow out you wont notice any regrowth.

Its best to not wear any eye makeup the day of your appointment. Dry clean oil free lashes adhere the best to extensions.

A good therapist will always need 1.75-2 hours to complete a full set. Beware of half sets or lash in a flash. They really dont give enough definition to bother getting them done unless you are new to extensions and want a light look.

Call or message me anytime if you want help if this area. I am doing extensions for years now. Love Fee

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