Make Up Advice:Foundation

Soft Bridal Glam Makeup

If at this stage you don’t know what  foundation suits your skin type, try some samples. Always try before you buy. Brown Thomas or Debenhams will give you samples. Use the right tools for the job – a sponge or a foundation brush. You do not have to buy a “real hair” foundation brush, a synthetic foundation brush is fine and a cheaper alternative and it will give you a flawless finish. It will help you apply the right amount of product and helps your foundation stay in place for hours.

We love Nars Sheer Glo for Normal or Dry Skin and Nars Concealer, Estee Lauders Double Wear/Light for Oilier skin, Laura Merciers Lumionous Silk Foundation, Chanels Vitalumiere Compact, Dior Skin and MAC and for an everyday product Bourjois Healthy Mix (the gel one particularly great for Dry Skin) or Rimmels “Wake me Up” gives a lovely bright look to the skin.

Set your base with a pressed or loose powder to remove any unwanted shine. SMASHBOX White High Definition loose powders, Vichy Dermablend and Jane Iredales Powder me Spf 30 are our favourite finishing powders.

Lastly always highlight the high points of your face. Cheekbones, bridge of nose or brow bones but go easy….don’t cover your whole face, a little goes a long way. We love MACs Soft and Gentle, The Sleek palette and KIKOs illuminator.

You say you don’t use a primer? Not to prime is a crime..Not only will it help your makeup go on smoothly and stay on smoothly for hours, it will stop the makeup going into your pours and give you a mattifying finish to reduce shine. It creates a barrier on the skin, sealing in moistuiriser, and stopping oil from rising to the surface. We love Stila, MAC, The Ordinary, Absence from Jane Iredale and SMASHBOXes Photofinish primer, all feel like velvet on the skin, and fills pores and lines and creates a flawless base for foundation. Find one that suits your skin type.

Makeup Artist
Just some advice when choosing a makeup artist for your wedding day. Make sure you have a few bridal makeup trials and try a few different makeup looks. Very “Natural makeup” can make you look washed out in photos – so if you want to opt for this look, take pictures of yourself to see if you look as if you have any makeup on! My advice would be more is better for photos and lasting the day.


Wedding Makeup Looks

Get your brows shaped, tinted-they are a focal point for your face. Have eyeliner, and lots of eyeshadow (don’t be afraid of colour). Go for a strong block lip colour-even if it is a nude pink colour. Don’t be afraid to tell your makeup artist what you like and especially what you don’t like if you know what you like! Every makeup artist has a different technique. This comes down to the fact that make up is an art form, every artist completes it differently. Make sure you are comfortable with the make up artist as she will be working closely with you. 


My Thoughts on False Lashes-Individual Lashes

I would recommend fake eyelashes for your wedding. If you regularly wear false lashes, I think you will choose them for your big day. Personally I love them and I wore them on my wedding day.

Try out the different false lashes. If you have never worn them make sure you have trials in case you are sensitive to the glue. Most people aren’t but you don’t want to be itching your eyes on your wedding day! The individual lashes usually cost €15-€25 to get done in a beauty salon and look great on everyone and are best applied after eyes hadow and before mascara. They will last the day after your wedding too if you don’t sleep on your face! And if you accidentally end up not removing your wedding makeup! If you like very natural makeup I would avoid them. Just tell the makeup artist.


Semi permanent eyelash extensions

Semi perm lashes, or also called 6 week lashes, have become a very popular treatment this past 2 years. I have myself personally tried many brands, many lengths, as well as done countless sets. I think they are a good option for your wedding day makeup if, most importantly, you if like very natural eye makeup – they look best and have the most impact when worn without eyeliner or lots of eye shadow – or if you expect you will be very tearful or if you are going on a long honeymoon immediately after (as you will look amazing everyday without makeup)! I always do them before going on sun holidays. They last great without any maintenance. But it is a good idea to get the remover solution off the salon so you can remove them when they start to fall out.


Microblading Sligo

If you like glamorous eye makeup I would not opt for the regular semi perm lashes. as you cannot put mascara over them. And for striking wedding makeup, you really need lots of definition, eye shadow and mascara so opt for the 3D Russian Lash Extensions or the individual lashes  that your makeup artists will apply.

So just a few more points girls- hope they help. Best of Luck with Planning Your Bridal MakeUp. Give us a ring or email anytime if you want our help,

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