The Real Symptoms of Undiagnosed Anxiety / Chronic Stress

Concentration for everyday tasks is very poor, you can only do one task at a time, slowly

You feel uncomfortable talking to strangers or acquaintances

You crave cigarettes more (if you are a smoker)

You leave your phone on silent

Small everyday things that happen, like being stuck in traffic or not finding a parking space really stresses you out

You are not able to relax when the natural pauses of the day come, example if waiting for a person to meet you.

You think about what you have said in conversations, how you are perceived, how you have reacted etc

You always have to be talking over others in a conversation, you cant pause 

You are very anxious around colleagues in a professional workplace

Friendships are strained because you don’t have time to keep in touch you are so overwhelmed with life

You are always late. Always rushing

Always feel and think you have too much to do

You have to double check you have done things like turned off the oven, the hair straighteners etc

Your overwhelmed by all you have to do in a day at the workplace

Your sleep is disturbed

When anxiety is bad, you have no appetite and loose weight

You have dry mouth

You feel uncomfortable chatting to people you don’t have anything in common with

You think people are talking about you. He said, She said, conversations go around in your head. Rumination..

You over explain yourself when in conversation with others

Social events like weddings, hen parties and family parties cause you stress to prepare for and go to and you dont enjoy them

Your phone stresses you out when it rings because its another person looking for you

If you get a massage, do yoga for an hour you feel calm that day but then anxiety is back the next..

You question what others think about you, your life choices etc

Buying, renting or moving house is very stressfull

You feel stressed out by general life, work, all the friends you have to meet, all the exercise you need to be doing

You feel everything has to be done right now. You have difficulty leaving tasks to the next day

You never cry or have panic attacks it’s all internalised

You talk through the silent pauses, those natural lulls in a conversation

You hate small talk, so you give the impression that you are standoffish

You can’t see the new emails or text messages in your inbox

You cant manage answering the phone when you are doing other tasks

Your not steady in yourself you feel all over the place and uneasy

You can’t find the keys in your handbag

Social media stresses you out

You try to run the stress out of you by doing long runs and 10Ks

You get stressed out having to wait for an appointment, for example having to sit in a doctors surgery or in the bank

Work and staff is generally always stressful

You find it difficult to sit down in the evening. You feel like you have so many things to be doing

You have tension in your shoulders and chest

Tasks press on you. You feel anxious you feel everything has to be done in the one day

Constantly thinking about how late your going to be for the next thing on your list

You may have digestion issues like reflux, slow digestion, bloating, food sensitivities, diarrhea and or constipation

If several of the above symptoms are you then you should think about seeing your doctor and asking about suitable medication. You wont believe how wonderful everyday will become once you get well. Because I am very sensitive to herbs, medication, supplements everything stopped me sleeping so it took me 20 years to get on top of my anxiety but now i can help others because of all the experience iv had with taking things and doing talk therapies, I can help educate you about your medication options, about vitamins and herbs, learning how to support your vagus nerve, teach you mindfulness, breathing and calming your bodys response to stress and helping you eat a diet to support your mental health.

Fiona Murphy

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