Dietary Tips for treating Acne

1. The first important feature of a clear skin diet is the absence of foods that are bad for your skin; e.g. sugar and trans-fats. Like doughnuts, pastries, pizza, chips, takeaways, low fat oil sprays etc.

2. Coupled with if the patient has a DAIRY intolerance or sensitivity. We know now alot of UK and Irish people lack the microbe Streptococcus Thermophilus which makes lactase which converts the lactose in milk into an absorable form the body can tolerate. Remember dairy is not just cows milk. Icecream, chocolate, cheese, yogurt, cake, butter all all dairy too! Look do you breakout after you eat those foods? Maybe the gut is just damaged? When we heal the gut many food sensitivities like dairy issues go away. Book an appointment to learn how to do this.

3. Eat food for detoxification. Fruits and vegs, the colours of the rainbow. Fill your plate with specific foods that have particularly strong acne-clearing powers, like broccoli. Broccoli is full of compounds and nutrients that are particularly good for clearing acne.

  • It’s got decent amounts of minerals like magnesium
  • Its a good source of Vitamin A which is massively important for preventing blocked skin pores
  • It has sulforaphane and this is a particularly excellent acne-destroyer. Sulforaphane is a form of antioxidant that is found in various green vegetables, but it actually has health effects above and beyond what you would expect
  • Like all of the so called “superfoods”, simply focussing on broccoli alone will NOT give you clear skin, but nevertheless broccoli can improve your skin significantly and it is one of the premier vegetables I recommend.

4. Eat lots of Whole Food Sources of Vitamin C because it is excellently absorbed by the human body

  • It loads of antioxidant benefits, for fighting free radical DNA damage and aging in the body
  • It accelerates wound healing
  • Its so important for your immune system to fight colds and flu
  • It is also is fantastic for your skin and the good news is that broccoli is loaded with it. 100 grams of broccoli contains nearly 100% of the daily allowance for vitamin C. That’s much more than in an orange, which itself was previously considered to be a major source of vitamin C.
  • Spinach, Kale, Strawberries, Kiwis and other green leafy veg are the biggest dietary sources of Vitamin C
  • Vitamin C also reduces the stress hormone cortisol which gets sucked up by the body in times of stress
  • Stress being the culprit behind stress related acne breakouts
  • It functions as a cofactor in the creation of collagen, a protein that is vital for strong skin

5. Aswell as cleansing and treating the skin properly use nightly Jan Marinis Skin Management System The Jan Marini skin system gave me the best results when I had acne in my 20s. I now stock this and am now doing an opening offer for my online fans for kit for 6 piece kit worth €437 for €350 plus postage. The 6 piece kit gives you a sunscreen and a cleanser for free. This is €50 off the internet price because I want you all to try it. To order contact moc.liamg@3102yhprummanoif. Using retinol at night if you can tolerate it also helps faster cell renewal.  I can get you this also.

6. Make and wear a castor oil pack from for about 6 months over your liver at night. Use my discount code PHB10 at checkout.

7. Drink dandelion tea with raw honey to support liver bile flow.

8. Stop so many supplements-Max 3 at any one time. Many acne sufferers live off supplements, which clog the liver longterm cause gut dysbiosis, slows digestion and therefore reduces the livers efficacy to keep your skin clear

9. Look at dysbiosis in the gut?

10. Do you have low stomach acid?

I had very bad acne my adult life from age 12 to 40 and now iv figured out what works longterm I spend my life helping others get great skin from within. For skin, gut, liver, acne and health consultations email ei.tugruoyhtiwog@ofni

Fiona Murphy