Does Coffee Keep You Up all Night?

Do you ever notice coffee in ireland keeps you up all night but drinking coffee on holidays in Europe doesn’t have that awful effect. So What the hell are they putting in our coffee?? Coffee in ireland.. Love it or Hate it its everywhere, every town, every street but does that mean you should be drinking it? Hell No… Heres what you need to know..
🦠So they say coffee is good for the microbiome BUT its also now grown indoors, under stressed conditions with more pesticides because of the worldwide demand on the crop and its become a dirty crop full of mycotoxins. As many people suffer from poor detoxification pathways mould toxins can be building up in side you potentially causing illness.. Not to scare you but to make you aware.. And no one is selling mycotoxin free coffee in ireland yet.. Not in ground.. Only on beans on Internet for €50 a bag 🙄
💩Does coffee give you diarrhea? Coffee is also a hard to digest fodmap. It can irritate the gut lining in many causing stress, bloat, or diarrhea. If this is you only drink coffee away from meals because you may be like me and have fodmap sensitivity to coffee.
😩Do you get jittery or stress feeling when you drink it? If so that coffee is making the stress worse. Heres why..Your probably a poor metaboliser of caffeine..that’s a genetic thing.. Most Coffee in shops is made with 2 shots americano.. That is enough to send many nervous systems over the edge.. coffee stimulates your adrenals to produce adrenaline and noradrenaline, good for focus in some.. But if you are a slow metaboliser of caffeine that stimulation in your body lasts a long time which in turn stimulates the HPA axis in the brain to produce cortisol..and cortisol is the serious stress hormones behind SIBO and IBS issues… So if this is you, eliminate coffee completely until your nervous system becomes regulated, which takes time and work folks.
☕Good practice is make coffee only a weekly treat, ask for decaf or one shot americano only.. And remember dark chocolate has as much caffeine so never within 3 hours of bedtime. And Expresso Martinis on nights out are the same..stay away from those if you want to sleep after a night out..
❤️ Fiona