How to Heal Our Bodies in 2024

Firstly we want an immune system which thinks very fast and smart and is ever ready to fight for us. We want our immune system to be recharged not depleted. We don’t want to send a sloppy, team in, hitting the wrong targets. We want our immune system to be able to recognize every bad bacteria when it comes into contact with it, as fast as possible.  Sadly the unfortunate truth is many of us are walking around with immune systems that are worn down, exhausted because of our poorly managed relationship with stress and nutrition not with just food!. People think the immune system is all about supplements but it’s an awful lot to do with having stress managed or if possible a low stress level in our lives. If possible a poor functioning immune system would see us more susceptible to colds and flus but also to things like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and autoimmune disorders and we don’t give this any thought when we are deciding how we’re going to live our lives. It is easy to look at this and to come to the conclusion that changing your meals or learning to meditate can spur your natural killer cells to turn off disease. There are no quick fixes with this system. The best way to repair a cracked and effective immune system is to build up health and vitality from the ground up. we need to be supporting the four pillars of health. Diet, Exercise, Sleep and Stress. Particulary how do we percieve stress?

That’s not just food and exercise but sleep and stress management is just as important too. We need to be getting at least 6-7 hours of good quality restorative sleep most nights of the week, at least 4 nights the week and we need to be managing stress or removing as much chronic stress from our lives as possible. We need sunlight, connection with people, to feel purpose in our lives. My journey chronic stress led me into an early perimenopause and completely destroyed my gut function for many years. But your gut can heal when the body gets into healing mode and once you set up your body into healing mode the cells of your gut will renew themselves every three days continously until you heal. It took my gut three years to go from being really sick to being well and now I’ve never had the digestive system I have today for 25 years! Through my work I share the good news that it’s possible to heal. You can heal your body from the inside out once you know what to do. This is what I help people with. A 20 year health journey taught me alot. I help people learn how to care for their body and their mind. I help people to learn the foods to eat, the exercise to do, the relaxation, how to respect their enteric nervous system, their digestive system. How to respect their hormone system, their lymphatic system, their circulation system, their nervous system. They’re all talking to each other. These systems are all interconnected. If we are overextending ourselves in one area of our life this is felt throughout our organs, throughout our systems in our bodies.

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