Scrathing Your Skin till Its Bleeding?

Itchy Skin? Arms, legs, back, front everywhere? Antihistamines not working? Scratched yourself to bits? A condition i see so often after GPs are mesmerised they end up on my doorstep.
When the liver is screaming for attention it tells the skin take out the trash for me please! I cant detox anymore!
When the immune system is tore down by 3 rounds of antibiotics a year..
When the gut has dysbiosis Histamine accumulates. Histamine causes intense scratching..
Your liver and gut are most NB organs in your body!! Yet no one ever thinks about them!!
Liver filters waste, remove toxins, cleanses your blood BUT also processes various nutrients. You need the right vitamins and minerals to work with enzymes to keep liver detoxing chemicals, hormones, toxins, food and microbes.
Bile from gall bladder and gut microbes contribute to safe removal of these. The gut, the gallbladder and the liver are all working together for you!
Your liver can heal!
Eat 2 apples everyday
Drink green celery cucumber apple juice frequently
More referrals for more specific bloods and histamine binders both oral and surface.
Share with anyone in your life who is scratching