Is Gluten real cause of Food Sensitivities and Bloating?

I see many clients restricting gluten because they think its healthier for their gut and digestion🙄. Truth: Only 20% of those *who think* their symptoms are  caused by a true gluten sensitivity actually are. Most of *the bread makes me bloat* saga is down to the fodmaps in wheat barley and rye. Not the actual gluten.
Gluten is a whole grain. Its excellent for feeding the microbiome. Its excellent for helping your bowels move. It gives us energy. No one should be removing gluten from their diet unless the test or scope shows that need and the doctor or consultant recommends that. Old Practitioner tests food intolerance blood prick tests and kinesiology are SCAMs and largely show up what you ate a few days ago not what your sensitive to. For example when i was very sick and could hardly digest and had multiple food sensitivities i did a food intolerance blood prick test and it showed i had no issues with any food but i was riddled in foods that caused me ibs and tummy problems.
To check exactly what’s going on you need a medical test, at the doctors or hospital, before your appointment, you must keep eating gluten for 6 weeks before a coeliac blood test screen and gastroscopy or endoscopy or colonoscopy. If you stop eating it it will skew the results. Then when you get those results we can do a call to work on the cause of the other food intolerances.
The sooner you go gluten free the sooner your body will become gluten intolerant. So don’t remove it unless its absolutely necessary. Its not convenient if you want to eat at a friends house or out at night. It creates more stress and stress causes more gut issues. Keeping some gluten in diet is worthwhile considering even if you think it doenst suit you. And never put your kids gluten free unless they need to be. They would be intolerant for life and they might not be happy with you for making that decision for them.
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Regards Fiona Murphy