Bloat and Diarrhea at your Christmas Party?

Suffering with IBS at your Christmas parties? But still have no idea of your trigger foods? For most people its often NOT gluten or dairy.. Its mostly the fodmaps in fruit and veg and not knowing how to fodmap stack properly.. Not knowing your fodmap limits within the timeframe of a two hour meal..These is what i help my patients nost frequently with..
Here are some of the foods to watch out for this Christmas. Allowing at least one hour *after meals* before consuming any of these items..
Dairy (this means custard, whipped cream, desserts, chocolates, hot chocolate, irish coffees etc)
Coffee and Wine- two of the most gut irritating drinks ever. That most people have no idea of..
Dried fruits (dates, figs, mince pies, Christmas cake, sultanas, raisins need i go on!)
Brussels sprouts, broccoli stalks, cauliflower, root veg… Too much fibre on top of your poor tummy.. Cruciferous veg are sooo difficult to digest if your gut lining is compromised..
It just might mean way less bloating, way less abdominal pain, way less running to bathroom with diarrhea..if you space out these food items.. And utilmately possibly way more enjoyment of your Christmas Dinner.
Spacing the above items and Giving up wine and long drinks with meals has been a game changer for me.. Sticking with avoiding all these foods close to meals and sticking with liqueurs ONLY after meals.. if you drink alcohol that baileys..tia maria.. Etc.
Let me know if this helps you?
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