Magnesium not working for Sleep or Anxiety or Cramps?

If you have slow digestion or gut issues you may not be able to digest magnesium at at. It may make digestion issues worse.
💩Remember unless you are digesting, absorbing, detoxifying most properly supplements are a waste of time. I rarely advise them. Most rarely do anything. Use your money on seeing someone who has health experience treating your individual issues and getting your body working properly first.. Please stop falling for supplement every advert on instagram or whatever your friend is taking.. The money you are wasting..Marketing drives me mad🙄. Im contraversial but someone needs to be on this platform.
If deciding to start magnesium it is far better to bath weekly in Epsom salt baths (Epsom salts are made from magnesium sulphate) to get your body to adapt to it slowly. Half to 1 cup full once a week 30 to 60 min  soak, up to 2 full cups in 2 baths per week. 2 full cups ideally per bath if you can handle it. One can experience anxiety when detoxifying, so slowly increase the dose of salts down until you adapt.
Personally it took me years to be able to take magnesium supplements and despite eating serious high amounts of seeds, dark chocolate, leafy greens daily apparently im still magnesium deficient not on an average blood test but on HTMA. 🤔As are most of us due to calcium and major mineral dysregulation from major life stress 🙄or those with ongoing unmanaged stress, as the bodies burn through rate of magnesium is serious once in continuous fight or flight mode allday everyday😬.. More on that another day.
For sleep and anxiety Magnesium Glycinate and Threonate are the only worthwhile ones. As these 2 forms are absorbed better by your cells. Meaning they are more bio available. Bio availability is key. Most supplements are not bio available. I like, Pure and Naturals, Thorne, Metagenics.
Remember as with all supplements it works for some and not for others. Its trial and error.
Thanks for Reading,  Fiona