Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Healing

Im doing lymphatic drainage massage as part of my healing journey. Im studying it aswell at the moment. For anyone suffering with stress, gut issues, acne or any skin issues, recurrent infections or anykind, poor immune system or pain lymphatic drainage may just be the MISSING PIECE of your health puzzle. We think of diet amd exercise in recovery but we never think of detoxification!!
If your detoxification pathways aren’t working well you probably wont heal!!
It is so important as lymph not only brings the waste away but it brings hormones, vitamins, amino acids around the body. Its so important to know its roll in our health. Lymph technique can be practised on the feet or the hands and focuses on the upper and lower lymphatics of the body, it is a superb method of moving stagnant lymph, boosting the immune system, detoxing the body and dealing with inflammation in the body👣
The holistic nomad sligo Gayle does lymphatic drainage massage go to her for full-body. Shes brilliant. She will show u how to do lymphatic face massage if you like me wake up with pools of fluid under your eyes. LETS HEAL TOGETHER 🙏