Are you a Woman in your mid 30s suffering with similar symptoms?

This past year I reflected on the past 5 years to how sick I was, living with an undiagnosed gut health infection called SIBO for years, suffering hurrendous digestive dysfunction and hormonal disarray from early hormone loss after my second child. I wasnt sleeping at all and my immune system rapidly deteoriating because of lack of sleep causing kidney infections, tonsillitis, all that most likely occured as a result of a lifetime of chronic stress of looking after my mum undiagnosed with dementia for 20 years.
I remember in 2018 feeling so worried about myself, stiffness all over my body, no energy, desperate anxiety, worsening PMDD depression and zero zest for no one knew how to help me.. to fast forward to today having a normal life and not being the primary carer for mum, having a fully functioning NORMAL digestive system, getting restorative sleep due to the right sleep and anxiety medication and thanks to HRT oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone the overall body stiffness, inability to exercise and poor energy has gone. I am feeling like I am coming back to my former energetic self of my early 30s and having gained so much knowledge in that 5 years I now want to help as many women as I can so they don’t fall into the ill health that I had. Covid gave me time to get well and persue my dream gut and hormone health consultancy business to help other women never experience what I have had to go through with my health.
Now my clinic is up and running-Are you 35+? Do you want to loose weight, feel confident, be healthier and happy the next time you don a swimsuit to go on a sun holiday?
For the next few month I am giving 5 lucky women 3 hours of health consultation time for the price of 2 hours €250.
Over 3 appts you learn:
How to build new, consistent, sustainable habits into your life regarding nutritious menu preparation and meal planning.
How to build in 20 different fruit, veg and herbs everyday into your diet for maximum vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.
How to improve your digestive function and eradicate or manage IBS.
How to grow your gut microbiome to get your body to work for you.
How to exercise efficiently and boost your metabolism.
How to detoxify your liver (a sluggish liver is one of the reasons most women feel wrecked all the time).
How to optimise your brain health and mental function.
All you need to know about HRT if you choose to go down that route for energy and well-being.
All you need to know about anti depressants, sleep & anxiety medication.
All you need to know about CBT, mindfulness, grounding, breathing, vagal nerve stimulation and other natural relaxation techniques.
All about vitamin supplements, herbs and natural remedies.
And for the outside..
How to grow strong healthy nails, hair, and eyelashes and eyebrows.
How to eradicate acne, redness, dryness, rosacea, pigmentation and skins ageing concerns.
CheckoutBlog – Go With Your Gut ( and to look at the process and see if I am a fit for you,
Kindest Regards,
Fiona Murphy 0868439979