The HRT is not working like it was last year?

Are you finding the HRT worked brilliant in Year 1 but in subsequent years you didn’t feel good on it and came off it or are considering giving it up?

Its not you ladies, its just your hormones. And maybe just the progesterone part. Hormones pretty much are responsibile for most havoc in a womans day. 😵

I have a love hate relationship with utrogestan but mostly hate for all the trouble its caused me. While its wonderful for sleep and anxiety in perimenopause it can cause horrific symptoms once it accumulates or if the dose is even slightly too high for the patient. Or if the woman in progesterone sensitive and just doesn’t realise she is.

I see many patients and i suffered some of the below myself.
Some of the awful side effects:
🙃It can change your entire personality for the worse
🤯 Loosing it with your children
😔Feeling mute-not able to talk to family or anyone
😎That makes you look aloof to others or standoffish
🤯Feeling impatient /not bothered with children/partner
😑Cant do all you can normally do on the oestrogen part of your cycle
😢Bad body Pain and stiffness in hands, arms, hips, back
🤰Awful bloating gas, digestive issues
😴Sluggish and extreme fatigue
😝Not bothered to exercise
😩Cant physically exercise because of stiffness
😔Dont want to work
😢Dont want to meet friends or socialise
🥦Cant prepare or eat healthy food
📚Not reading, studying or interested in usual hobbies
🛌Want to stay in bed
Know you have a fabulous life but cant do or enjoy any of it.. The list goes on.

If your new to my page see my HRT journey highlights. DM if you want to book a slot. Online is also possible
Hope this makes your day a bit brighter ladies ❤️