Cant get rid of Itchy Vaginal Thrush?

Things you may not know about Thrush. Thrush is caused by Candida overgrowth.  Candida is a normal yeast or fungus that is present in everyones gut and vaginal microbiome. We inherit it from our parents. Food intolerance tests or practitioners that say you have candida be wary of those people guys! We all have candida, we do not need to remove it unless it outgrows in serious numbers and causes infections.
Candida does no harm most of the time, because your immune system is in control and it keeps the Candida numbers under control. But when the body loses resilience through experiencing emotional or physical stress, doing too much or taking on to much mentally and not managing stress properly or setting boundaries and saying yes more often than no then the immune system goes down. The immune system and the nervous system live side by side. Everything that is going on in the nervous system is felt by the immune system. Stress causes the immune system to loose its potent protection mechanism over microbial and fungal overgrowth.
So in times of stress candida overgrowth can occur causing thrush. Taking anti fungals and bolstering the body with antifungal probiotics can help but reducing stress on body is key for long term resolution.
Other things that cause yeast overgrowth are HRT hormone replacement therapy and the oral contraceptive pill. The progesterone part of HRT used orally vaginally or anally to protect the endometrium can still cause thrush to flare up because it increases the PH of the gut and vaginal microbiomes and yeast overgrows in an alkaline environment. The oral contraceptive pill is synthetic hormones and also changes the PH of the terrain allowing candida to overgrow and become and opportunistic pathogen.
Just because one has thrush in the mouth doenst mean they have thrush in their gut, but candida can go systematic if left untreated for long enough. If one has candida overgrowth in the gut this can indeed bring on vaginal thrush. Or vaginal thrush can be isolated to the vaginal only. Thrush usually accompanies any UTIs again becauses once the terrain PH changes and bacteria are overgrowing then yeast can also overgrow. Antifungals like Nystatin and Sporonox treat systemic candida. Diflucan is vaginal thrush antifungal choice. 150g may not be sufficient to blast it and up to 800mg may be needed. Dieoff can cause low mood, depression for a while. But just because one gets rid of candida doesnt mean it wont grow back automatically, it will do if the environment doesnt change, less stress, better probiotics, remove the contraceptive pill etc. Saccharomyces boulardi cytoplan is the probiotic of choice for preventing thrush overgrowth.
Also a quick home test to check if you have gut candida is to do the spit test in a glass of water first thing in morning. Google how to online. It really does work!
I work with clients to get on top of long term UTis, vaginal thrush and gut Candida overgrowth. If you need support email my secretary on ei.tugruoyhtiwog@ofni for cancellation appointments