Review of Style Pro Brush Cleaner

I’m a busy working makeup artist and I get asked all the time by clients and muas about cleaning brushes. When I saw this contraption I thought another pricy gimmick, retailers must be running out of ideas of more things they can sell the vunerable newly qualified unemployed MUAs.
The Style Pro says “this drys your brushes instantly so you can reuse them instantly” but in reality “a busy working artist wouldnt have a device like this in their kit on the actual day and never would have time to wash them till the end of the saturday”..and this machine.does.not cut.down any of the work! You still have to hold them put them in the holder etc.
I have ten years experience running a beauty salon aswell as working in it, and a sales and marketing background aswell as degree in science, chemistry and microbiology. I know alot about skin and skin bacteria. Skin bacteria actually isnt as harmful as retailers would lead you to believe. There is bacteria on our skin all the time. Strains of Staphaureus. Its doing a good job there, protecting us from worse bacterial strains. Everyone knows never put your brushes anywhere near a coldsore or spot. Use cotton buds for these nasties or go around them use disposable sponges for working in foundation to the face..And to finish with saying Clean your brushes between clients buy plain simple isopropyl alcohol from a chemist. Either the square wipes or a bottle of it. You know the ones the Dr cleans your skin with prior to giving an injection. These kills surface germs. Use these in between clients if used on same day. And when you come home give brushes a good old fashioned wash with baby shampoo and dry flat on a clean towel or lint free cloth. Use a mixture of olive oil and baby shampoo for getting foundation brushes clean. This is as good as anything. If you smell ur brushes.ul know.if theres nasty bacteria flourishing on them. They wont smell.clean,so wash.dry and smell.them.before.use! Love Fee x