Benefits of using essential oils in your home and family life

I love using essential oils when I am doing facials in my salon, in my home and when looking after my kids. I use the best quality oils, certified organic from DoTerra has Excellant Organic Oils. I think by using cheaper oils in a room diffuser or applying to ones skin you never knows what toxic ingredients you could be inhaling into your body so its better to play safe. Also choose the oils whose aromas you like best. These are probably the most suitable for you. Similarly, do not use an oil whose aroma you do not like unless it is prescribed for a specific purpose. Essential oils will keep for at least a year (and in most cases longer) provided they are stored in a cool dark place. Most of us would like to think at some point we would get our men to do a home massage on us with essential oils, but most of us never get around to doing that as making blends, reading up on how to dilute it etc is far too much trouble and most of our men would never bow down to such an ask! Iv compiled some quick easy and useful tips here. Hope you get something from them!

Firstly Ways To Use Oils:

  • The most well know one is using an OIL BURNER. Depending on the size of the room and ventilation add between 5 and 15 drops to the bowl of the burner and fill with water. Or you know those plug in type air fresheners you can buy in the supermarket? well simply dump out the toxic oil stuff from the internal bottle, wash it and replace with your mix of essential oil of choice with water. Makes for much safer room inhaling! The best ones iv used are plug in neat oil diffusers from DoTerra. All their products and oils I can order for you. Lidl had electric diffusers recently, which iv bought and used and are really good too.
  • Put in the Bath. 6-10 drops of oil into a teaspoon full of milk. add to bath. Relax and Inhale. For childs bath only 2 drops.

  • A footbath has many of the benefits of a bath whilst saving you time and water!(avoid using soap, shampoo or bubble bath).
  • 5 drops of oil into a desertspoon full of Sweet Almond oil for skin massage. Ideal when pregnant. (1% dilution above is safest)

  • Oils may also be inhaled by putting a few drops on a tissue,
  • Fill a basin with water, sprinkle in 4 drops of oil, dip a cloth in the water, squeeze out and apply. Compresses may be used hot or cold.

Here are some of the most popular oils I use the most and tips to ways I use the oils at home. Hope you get some ideas from them. Lavender is most widely known lovely smell and is so relaxing. Add to bath or a few drops on your pillow to aid relaxation and sleep.

Lemon or Lemograss – Used in an oil burner, will freshen, deodorise and purify rooms in your house. Work brilliant in public area as most people like the aroma of lemon oil. Works well in childrens smelly bedrooms!

Citronella – dab on wrists as insect repellent. Ideal for when midgets are out for evening walks

Peppermint A reviving oil, may help with mental fatigue-burn or inhale when feeling worn out after along day at the office.

Frankincense – Good for meditative state of mind Calming and grounding. Put a few drops on a tissue and inhale pre meditation when kids are asleep!.

Rosemary and Basil– reputedly aids concentration and memory. Good for getting teenagers to study!

Sandalwood-reduces stress and fear. Good for the tense times in life, teen exam times, driving tests etc!

Eucalyptus – Good for childrens colds and flus to clear the head when you have a bunged up noise. A few drops on a tissue or in a basin, cover head with towel and inhale. A few drops in the shower tray before you get in to reinvigorate your morning.

TeaTree – In your bath after having a baby. Or Helps with other wounds too. Antiseptic

Orange– Stimulating and Anti-Depressant. Burn in living rooms to lift mood when going gets tough.

Calendula -adding this essential oil to your cuts, scrapes, bruises, and insect bites, you can quickly speed the healing process, partially due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the oil. By protecting against infections, calendula essential oil keeps wounds and scrapes safe, allowing them to rapidly heal.

i hope youve found this article helpful,

Fee x