How to get a toddler to eat a Superfood

Some Tips on How to Get Superfood into Your Toddlers from a mum of 2 smallies.

I dont know about your toddler but you should have seen the face of mine when i served him “Quinoa” recently for his dinner! Absolutely Priceless. and when i served him “Freekah”
(grain like brown rice but more protein, more nutritious) you should have seen the “Freeking Tongue Scraping Action” (excuse the pun but was even funnier). Even though i had it disguised in delicious red pesto.

Whatever it is about “the texture” of these new superfoods they just dont take to them. I am blessed to have a small child age 4 who is now a great eater, eating his parents meals and a 2.5 year old who is coming out of her fussy phase and is actually eating a more varied palette aside from sweet things. We are still trying to continously improve our diets at home.  Introduce new foods as a family, as we all can get stuck in a rut with the same meals.

To feel  have balance in my life, for a couple of hours one day a week “i have to bake something”. It helps me feel like i am doing the complete job as a good mum. It also helps eliminate the maternal guilt that i have that my hubby does most of the cooking in our house. (but to be fair, lets face it he is way tidier and way more efficient than me so let him at it). However i am the creative one in the house so i will bake something new!. Im a stickler for trying new nuitritious things. I read alot and these superfoods are powerhouses for nourishing your body with the best stuff. We often buy new superfoods but they can get left in the press unless you have a recipe planned for them so since i discovered this ladys Book, The Virtous Tart. As with all cookbooks there is usually only “a few gems of recipes”, i have found 2 brilliant go to flapjack type recipes that work a treat for all the family, that can be made on sunday and ate throughout the week for snacks on the go, or in lunchboxes.

These 2 are winners in our house and super easy. The  “Leonard Coen Flapjacks” from this book. A few points to note about this recipe.


  • NO where in Sligo Sells Quinoa Flour, so i use ground almonds here and always extra oats if i run out of ground almonds.
  • I grind the seeds in the glass attachment of my food processor and pile everything into my Kenwood Prospero Mixer below as it is very difficult to hand mix.
  • It mixes really well with the K Beater Tool and then i put the mixture in square silicone baking trays (Tesco). and then they easily fall out when cooked.
  • I cool them on a wire rack and then slice up on a bread board when cool before transferring them to a box. Full recipe below.
Page 2 Leonard Coen Flapjacks
Page 1 Leonard Coen Flapjacks












The Other Winner from this book is Chocolate Seed Soldiers Flapjacks. Points to note.

Chocolate Seed Soldiers (mine are minus the chocolate top)
  • I dont bother with the choc topping.
  • The only ingredient i cant get in a supermarket was the coconut flour. I got that in a health food shop Cosgroves.
  • Again I put in silicone trays in fridge to harden then cut in squares and put in lunch box to keep.

As always eating superfoods like this is rather pricey. However you or the kids wont be

craving other sugary crap after a couple of these. To us thats worth it in the long run for

optimum weight and health. Spending more money on food = spending less money at the Doctor. Your health is Your Wealth.

And How the hell otherwise would you get superfoods like goji berries, dates, pumpkin seeds into our Toddlers and Real Men!!!

Hope Your Find this Useful

Love Fee x