Review of the High Street versus High End Undereye Concealers

21 Feb 2019
Over the past 5 years I have worked as a makeup artist and a skin therapist. I paint faces every weekend, mostly 30-60 year old clientele for their destination weddings (so I see many nationalities and skin types) and mostly girls 30+ on Irish hen parties aswell as local ladies going to communions, christenings, confirmations, charity events etc.  SO I use a lot of concealer at work.
  • Age related pigmentation and discoloration in the skin in the 30s onwards is a challenge.
  • It can be a battle to get a product to cover fully that looks well on the skin too.
  • A product not to be too dry for settling in the fine lines around the eyes aswell as be luminous looking and anti aging on the skin.
  • From doing makeup lessons with women if you have 5 mins to do your makeup before you run out the door concealing under the eyes with a liquid concealer a lighter shade or 2 than your foundation or skin tone is one of the most important steps to making you look a bit polished for the school run or office.


Concealing under my eyes is my most important step too. For the last few years I have been using alot of concealer as I have been getting very little restorative sleep. Between lying awake for 3 hours at a time at night due to an undiagnosed digestion issue (low stomach acid-thankfully its now sorted-see another recent blog post on that). Aswell as being a busy working mum (inside and outside the home) to 2 smallies (other blog posts on that). Topped off by being 39 and battling aging related skin concerns I think I constantly look tired and every day reach for concealer.

  • I am the type of girl who gets blue veiny grey tiredness as opposed to yellow sallow rings under my eyes.
  • I have used so many products in the last few years so I thought i would write a review. I have tried many and heres what i think.



Best Budget BUY for COVERING UP

NYX HD Concealer & Inglot: Absolutely love these for coverage on younger skin. They hide everything…Ideal for 20s-30s. NYX also do a yellow one CW10 good for toning down redness in skin. NYX being a fav for handbag because I dont need a makeup brush to apply it. The inglot is great for a makeup artists kit. Squeeze out on a brush and palette.Inglot Concealer

PROS: NYX By far the “Best Coverage of the Lot” in lightest shade in Porcelain and the lightest in Inglot colour range.
CONS:  It drys when on.
“Porcelain” is the best colour that will suit most Irish skins. It is also their Lightest Shade. The problem with this is that(in almost every brand) the first concealer shade is always sold out and i often find this one hard to find in Sligo.
Rimmel Concealer
Rimmel Concealer

Best Budget Buy for Over 30s

RIMMELs Wake Me Up Concealer:  Absolutely love this one too hard working mamas. Probably my favourite because it hides almost everything. It has great coverage but it is NOT drying in those fine lines.

ESSENCE Stay All Day Concealer: Penneys
PROs: Didnt rate this at all. Wouldnt buy again. Very little coverage. Didnt stick or last. Didnt conceal and too thin on application.

Best Budget “Value for Money” BUY

CATRICE Liquid Camouflage: PenneysCatrice
Pros: Very good coverage. Lovely applicator. Good colour selection. Again, need to buy their lightest shade. Would buy again. Best Value for Money out of the lot. I use an an eyeshadow base. Perfect for cut crease looks.
Paese Concealer: Bought in Wards Pharmacy Sligo. A Newish Polish Brand.
Pros: Medium coverage. Would buy this again but more as a Brightening Undereye Highlighter rather than a concealer. Had applied it over the NYX HD one and it gives a lovely shine to the undereye area. Need to buy either shade 1 or 2 also. This impressed me for the money.
Cons: Not as much coverage as i like.



MAC Prolongwear Concealer. An oldie but a goodie.
Pros: Absolutely love this for serious coverage on younger skin. It hides everything. Great colour range…Ideal for 20s-30s.Jane Iredale Correcting Concealer
Cons: It is drying under eye area
Jane Iredale Correcting Concealer
Jane Iredale Correcting Concealer

Jane Iredales Corrective Colour Palette: I love Jane Iredales makeup because her makeup has skincare benefits.  It is not just camouflaging bad skin. It is high in minerals aswell as having other high quality ingredients so is suitable for all skin concerns and types. I love it so much I stock the entire skincare collection at Polished Hair & Beauty in Sligo.

I love this palette as it has all 4 colours needed to correct and it tells you on the cover what each colour is for (incase you forget-i do).

  • Yellow Cancels Red
  • Peach Cancels Blue, Purple and Gray
  • Lilac cancels Yelllow
  • Peach i use over the corrector to conceal.
  • Very creamy and great coverage so this is a WINNER my favorite High End Skin Colour Corrector Buy for my Kit.
benefitBenefits SHY Beam:-As i love Benefits HOOLA Bronzer, Havana Blusher and Dandelion powder Highlighter. The packaging is toddler proof!  I was dying to try this.
Pros: Its incredible creamy buildable high coverage.
Cons: It is a Very light colour only suitable for the whitest irish skin.
It is marketed as a Highlighter that contains no shimmer (so its ideal for not going into those small lines, pores on the face) but it doesnt do much highlighting either!.. honestly i found it works best as a undereye concealer. Way lighter than all of the aboves lightest shade. A valued addition to my makeup kit for the very pale. For the red heads and very blue white irish skinned among us, this would be the luxury buy for you.

NARS The WINNER of High End. My favourite concealer for Over 30s

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer: Keep the Best for Last.

  • An amazing slim handbag concealer.
  • SO creamy. Great Coverage.
  • Not Drying or dragging on skin.
  • Great wand to apply. I add a little white powder on top to set it as i get a bit shiny. It has so many colours to choose from. I adore it for all my over 30s cleintele. Buying online is difficult as you wont know your shade.
  • “Vanilla” or “Chantilly” are good pale colour options
  • “Custard” is good for anyone with Medium Skin with slight Olive undertones like me.
  • I usually have several in my kit and 2 for myself (one lighter and one custard).
  • Then apply  if you need to if your a bit oily under eyes) a finely milled white powder to set undereye concealer if you have oily skin.


 HIGH STREET I love Bourjois Java Loose Rice Powder


NYX HD White Finishing Powder


Smashbox Powder
Smashbox Powder

For a HIGH END Splurge Smashboxes Loose High Definition White Powder is my fav brand

Concealer in particular is my fav makeup makes the greyest of days that lil bit brighter..Hope you get something from this ladies. Get in touch if you have a question or want to pop in salon for a colour match.
Love Fee xx
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