Suffering with Acne or Acne Rosacea in Sligo?

Are you noticing redness in your face after our recent Irish summer heatwave? Do you have small broken veins on the centre of your face?

If you are between 30 and 60 this is often first symptoms of a skin condition called acne rosacea. Others symptoms include higher redness in cheeks or nose, dry skin that feels sandpaper and sometimes pimples. It is more common in women and in fair-skinned gals. Most peoples rosacea comes and goes. There is still no cure but identifying triggers can help prevent flare ups.

Frequent triggers of rosacea include sun, hot drinks, spicy foods, alcohol, exercise, hot baths or saunas, being in very high or low temperatures, and good old stress. Prolonged use of cortisone creams also can cause rosacea. Some drugs may worsen flushing (nasal steroids, amiodarone, high doses of some B vitamins, tamoxifen, and rifampin). Being a skin therapist and gut health clinic in Sligo I see the best improvements in those who consistantly wear SPF 30 on the face, avoid facial products with alcohol, take niacinamide and zinc, and I find the supplement accumax particularly useful in combination with topical skincare. Results take 2 months but in most cases alleviation is seen.

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